American Government Final Reflection

Topics: United States Constitution, Religion, Faith Pages: 3 (1136 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Final Reflection/Position Paper
American Government
March 10, 2013

Final Reflection/Position Paper

The purpose of this paper is intended to summarize my views on what has influenced my understanding of politics and government prior to taking this class, and how my understanding is now since completing this course. Pre Reflection/Position

My understanding of politics and government prior to taking American Government came from my family and their beliefs. It was influenced by the schools I attended, which influenced my respect for this country, and my respect for our flag. They ingrained a sense of patriotism with their teachings. Television and newspapers had a big influence on me in my younger years, before they became so biased, based on the beliefs of the owners, or at least until I became aware of that bias. My experience with different aspects of government has influenced my beliefs. I am a staunch believer in our rights and liberties that the first 10 Amendments give us, and I believe that was influenced by where I grew up, which is Wyoming. The fact that my family loves to hunt and fish, I will not give up my right to bear arms without a fight. The people I grew up with had a large part to do with my beliefs, and the fact that owning guns is a right that not many in this state will give up without a fight. The enjoyment of hunting and the right to be able to protect my family and myself if needed is very important. Whether it is from criminals, or our own government, I want to be able to protect me and mine.

I am not willing to let anyone tell me what I have to believe when it comes to my choice in religion. I am rather quiet about my religious beliefs, I believe that it is between God and me. In other words, it is my private place to be. I grew up believing that everyone has the right to their own beliefs, and I don’t feel it is right to push your beliefs on someone who is adamant about not wanting...

References: Volkomer, W. (2013). The Constitution of the United States. American Government. (pg. 54).
Boston, MA. Pearson.
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