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Political Science

POLITICAL SCIENCE * It is the systematic study of the state in all its elements, aspects and relationships. * The term POLITICAL is taken from the Greek word POLIS meaning, city-state. * SCIENCE is derived from Latin word SCIRE which means “to know” and CIENCIA which means “knowledge” or “study” * The systematic study of and reflection upon politics. Politics usually describes the processes by which people and institutions exercise and resist power. Political processes are used...

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political science

What is Sociology? Sociology is defined as the scientific study of society and human behavior. Sociology is a part of social sciences. The study of sociology aims at analyzing the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in society. Importance of Sociology The various disciplines of sociology include the study of social interaction between people. The areas covered by sociology include the analysis of social contacts between members...

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Political Communication

public informed and up to date with current news and events in their community, state, country, and around the world. In politics the media can either build or damage a political figure by changing the public's opinion. Many people depend heavily on television as their source of information where they see or hear about political issues, events, and policies because television is the single most powerful medium of global communication and nightly newscasts are the most frequently watched source of...

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Media's Effects on Political Voters

Voter predispositions, political naivety and persuasive advertising: voting is no longer based on policy and beliefs The effect that the media has on voters can be extremely diverse. From entirely formulating an opinion to strengthening an existing one, the media has the ability to do both but not to every type of individual. In order to understand how various citizens are influenced by media messages, Philip Converse et al. (1966) separated voters into three distinct groups: those with the highest...

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Political Dynast: Anathema to Democracy

For decades, we often heard, in print and broadcast media, outcries banning political dynasty in local and national level political posts and calling for national legislators to enact an enabling law espousing the critical issue which many assert “detrimental to nation’s progress and a blight of democracy”. The term is also known as oligarchy, an equivalent term in political science and is coined to describe a practice, or even a tradition referring to family members or people within the same bloodline...

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Political Ethics & Sex Scandals

sexual scandals have always been a part of the political arena. There exists a body of social science and psychological study specifically related to power and the effects it has on men and women, particularly in the political field. Power and influence can lead to a “bubble effect” for some politicians where they become insular. The formation of a double standard and hypocritical behavior emerges. A 2010 The Economist magazine article explains this political phenomenon. “Politicians who have extramarital...

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Global Political Economy Assignment Pap

Microfinance – 2014/5 Module: Global Political Economy Assignment: Globalization constrains policy choices of domestic governments This paper examines the overview of the field of global political economy and globalization and the impact of constrain policy choices of the domestic government. I examine the international trading system, the international monetary system, the international financial system and I argue that political economy and the resulting of globalization...

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Political Science Essay

it is essential for professionals involved in the practice of politic sciences to continuously seek out to expand their skills and horizons in practice. This can be made via the creation of further educational opportunities that not only seeks to rearm the knowledge and expertise in the field of politics but also function towards taking advantage of training on the field and relevance of political science. Coming from Albania, I had realized when I came to the United...

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Political Economy of the Free Market System and its effect on our work and personal lives.

Political Economy of the Free Market System and its effect on our work and personal lives. By: Christina Bajwa “A fusion of economic and political theory into one single social theory” is the definition of political economy provided by the great Yugoslav economist Branko Horvat that Philips uses in his book, Inside Capitalism: An Introduction to Political economy, to explain how it is different from orthodox economics and politics, but rather a combination of...

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International Political Economy

hInternational Political Economy IPE is about interplay of economics and politics in world affairs. The core question of IPE is: what drives and explains events in the world economy? For some peoplethis comes down to a battle of ‘states versus markets’. The ‘markets’ for world economy are not like local Street bazaars in which all items can be openly and competitively traded and exhanged. Equally, politicians cannot rule the global economy. World markets and countries, local firms and multinational...

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Policy Paradox: the Art of Political Decision Making

Selena Smith Essay # 5 PA 400 Fall 2004 Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making By Selena E. Smirth In life the best way to conduct business of any type is to do it transparently. That way everyone is clear as to exactly what you are doing and it makes it easier and a lot less difficult for someone to buy into your mission or plan. Typically, policy making is complicated and often times muddled, which makes for a very hard sell when trying to get one to buy...

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An Analysis of the Dominate Perspectives of International Political Ec

In the world of international political economy, three dominant perspectives have emerged over time. The differences and similarities between the realist/mercantilist, liberalism, and historical structuralism perspectives are significant. In this essay, I will compare and contrast these dominant perspectives. First, I will give a historical account of how each perspective originated. Then I will outline the actors involved in each perspective, explore those actors' interests, and outline which...

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Book Analysis: The Science of Muddling Through

A Summary of: The Science of “Muddling Through” By Charles E. Lindblom ------------------------------------------------- Public Administration Review, Vol.XIX, No.2 (Spring, 1959), 79-88 I. Introduction This article discusses two different strategies for comparing policies. The first strategy, Lindblom entitles Root, or Rational-Comprehensive Lindblom refers to the second strategy as Branch, or Successive Limited Comparisons. After a brief explanation of the two systems, he goes on to...

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Exploring the Fundamental Purpose of Political Science

Exploring the 1 EXPLORING THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Lisa Navarro Western Governors University Exploring the 2 EXPLORING THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Science is the study of global change, from the beginning of civilization to present, in regards to human interaction and mankind’s quest to coexist peacefully. Many attempts to control how we act as individuals and interact with each other have been made throughout time...

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Homelessness in America

Ralph Nunez. (Autumn, 2001), Family Homelessness in New York City: A Case Study Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 116, No. 3 pp. 367-379 Retrieved August 20, 2010, from The Academy of Political Science. Ralph Nunez. (Summer, 1999), A Snapshot of Family Homelessness across America Cybelle Fox Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 114, No. 2 pp. 289-307 Retrieved August 20,2010, from The Academy of Political Science. John M. Quigley, Steven Raphael, Eugene Smolensky. (Feb., 2001), Homeless in America...

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reaction paper III

activities of public servants and the code of conduct of public servants taught by the so-called “cameralist” professors. After World War II, public administration was able to gain some sort of disciplinary independence from the influence of cameral sciences and administrative law. However, the strong influence of administrative law in the teaching was still felt in most Asian and Latin American countries. In United States, it was noted that the development of public administration as a discipline was...

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Arguments Against Mandatory Voting

compulsory in Australia” Popular participation is often cited as one of the fundamental principles of democracy. The right to vote being a freedom that has, and continues to be, sought after by people all over the world. Despite the value of many political systems’ movement toward universal suffrage, the few countries that have confused the right to vote, with a requirement to, have arguably deteriorated the significance of this achievement. Australia is part of a considerable minority that implement...

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Ethics in Public Administration

 Ethics in Public Administration Stefanie Zwack POLS501 – Public Administration 11/26/13 Literature Review “The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society; and in the next place, to take the most effectual precautions for keeping them virtuous whilst they continue to hold their public trust. The elective mode of obtaining...

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Political Science 215

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY POL S 215 – SECTION 3: INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FALL 2013 MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 2:10 PM – 3 PM 1652 GILMAN Instructor: Dr. Valerie Hennings vmh@iastate.edu Office: 545 Ross Hall Office Hours: 9 - 11:30 a.m. Tuesday & Thursday and by appointment Teaching Assistant: Bobbi Newman bnewman@iastate.edu Office: 515 Ross Hall Office Hours: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Friday and by appointment ...

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What Is Public Administration All About

individual communities." - College Board Book of Majors, 2nd edition • "Public policy studies how to do things, how to use what we have to make a world. In many cases, we even try to be fair. It has amazed me to learn that there is a science, a precision, a balancing to be addressed with the precision and discipline of an artist." - Kobi, a senior at Columbia University • "Public administration is a great field for those who want to make a difference in society." -...

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statement of purpose

from SUNY Cortland, I knew I wanted an opportunity to study Political Science with greater depth than my undergraduate study coursework provided. I discovered the field of Political Science around the end of my sophomore year. With a dual major, I often had to balance one course over another in order to complete the requirements necessary for both my Communications major and my Political Science major. I was interested in Political Science over Communications as a career, but I enjoyed how they complimented...

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Approaches to Public Administration

about as a reaction to the political influence in public administration, clearly exemplified by the spoils system. The key values of the managerial approach are doing the work of government more efficiently and effectively. The traditional managerial approach to public administration is typically bureaucratic in structure; the view of the individual is impersonal viewing employees as just “cogs” in a machine, and the cognitive view of this approach was more as a science. However, the New Public Management...

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Masters degree in Public Administration. Cropf (2008) stated, “Public policy is any decision making done on behalf of or affecting the public, especially that which is done by government” (p.8). Public administration consists of the managerial and political processes that occur in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches for the purposes of creating, implementing, and assessing public policy (Cropf, R. (2008). When completing a degree in public administration, it is necessary for Individuals...

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4-5). Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government. Aristotle defined it as the study of the state.[1] It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics, and the analysis of political systems, political behavior, and political culture. SCOPE The scope of Political Science implies its area of study or subject matter. It is a very comprehensive and expanding social science. An attempt...

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Political Science and David Wearing

10/20/13 How scientific is political science? | David Wearing | Comment is free | theguardian.com This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more here How scientific is political science? The study of politics claims to be objective, but can it – and should it – shake off our own moral and political priorities? David Wearing theguardian.com , Monday 8 March 2 01 0 1 1 .3 0 GMT In the early stages of my PhD research, I've...

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Models of Public Policy

Identify important aspects of policy problems Suggest explanations for public policy and predict its consequences Selected Policy Models. INSTITUTIONALISM: POLICY AS INSTITUTIONAL OUTPUT Government institutions have long been a central focus of political science. Public policy is authoritatively determined, implemented, and enforced by these institutions. The relationship between public policy and government institutions is very close. Strictly speaking, a policy does not become a public policy until...

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Approaches To Political Science

approaches to Political Science was widely prevalent till the outbreak of the Second World War. These approaches were mainly related to the traditional view of politics which emphasized the study of the state and government. Therefore, traditional approaches are primarily concerned with the study of the organization and activities of the state and principles and the ideas which underlie political organizations and activities. These approaches were normative and idealistic. The political thinkers advocating...

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Notes on Structuralism

and theory in comparative politics: an introduction * Influenced heavily by Marx and Weber * Draw together long-standing interests in political and social institutions * Emphasize, for example, formal organizations of governments, class relations (Marxist), political parties and interest groups, how states and societies interact, themes of political economy. * Explore relations among actors in an institutional context * Study the historical dynamics of real social types – realism ...

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The Importance Of The Study Of Political Science

The Importance of the Study of Political Science 1. Governments are the formal institutions of politics. Where there is government, there is politics. Where there is politics, there is power. Together with the formal institution of the state, they constitute the political system a term to suggest that politics is indeed a complex process involving citizen’s attitudes and interests, group organizations, electioneering, lobbying and formulation, implementation and interpretation of laws. It is important...

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Chapter 9 Notes

-279400-228600Date: 10/24/2014 Name: Source: Introduction To Political Science – Chapter Nine: Political Communication 00Date: 10/24/2014 Name: Source: Introduction To Political Science – Chapter Nine: Political Communication Main Points/Questions Notes The Mass Media and Politics Mass media strongly influences politics. Scholars have long recognized the dependence of politics on communication. The mass media reach an infinitely larger audience and therefore yield a greater voter or...

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Meaning, Nature and Scope of International Relations

of the subject. But this is not peculiar to international relations as there are more intense disagreements over the definition of political sciences itself. Nevertheless scholars have persisted in their attempt to define international relations. Trevor Taylor (1979) defines International Relations as "a discipline, which tries to explain political activities across state boundaries". According to Ola, Joseph (1999), "International relations are the study of all forms of interactions ...

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International Relation

word. It does not provide a single coherent body of teaching material . . .. . It is not a single subject but a bundle of subjects . . . . . of law, economics, political science, geography, and so on . . . . . " Why Study IR? International Relations (IR), is closely related with several disciplines. These include History, Political Science, Law, Economics, and Geography. What is the utility of the study of IR as a separate subject'? You know that no country in the World can live in isolation. Even...

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public admin

developed science in the social sciences which was first seen in the writing of Woodrow Wilson. For Woodrow, he saw public administration being very empirical and feasible, being able to stand on its own separate from political Science if it followed the guidelines of detailed and systemic approaches in the execution of government public law. Consequently, for many years Public administration has been studied together with Political Science, it is not until the 1940s it became a separated Science. It...

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Development of Comparative Policy Analysis

Comparative Public Policy Analysis has been described to be as distinctive from comparative politics as apples are to oranges. Politics, or the academic field of political science, is the discipline concerning how power government and laws are shaped and determined. In contrast, Public Policy refers to objectives that are undertaken to resolve societal problems and focuses on how resources can be distributed to face challenges. All of this while taking into account societal values, laws and practicality...

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American Government Chapter 8

would get nominated by proving to my party committee that I am a worthy candidate and will be successful and popular in the election. To ensure maximum efficiency, I would hire the best staff possible. I would hire multiple campaign managers and political consultants who would brainstorm ideas together to perfect my campaign strategy. I would also hire other staff that would be supervised by the campaign managers, and would be in charge of advertising, canvassing, and encouraging every person to vote...

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Agenda Setting; Muddling Through; and Non Incremental Policy Making

attention. Kingdon also identified feedback about existing operations, both formal and informal were recognized as methods which inform officials about conditions-which come to be defined as problems. Kingdon also recognizes developments in the political sphere as powerful agenda setters. The author notes that agendas are influenced by the following; new administration, national mood, and interest groups. Moreover, visible participants, such as the president, and prominent members of Congress are...

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The Relative Merits and Demerits of Governments and Markets as Social Organizers

the Causes.” The Journal of Developing Areas , Vol. 39, No. 1 (Autumn, 2005), pp. 169-190 This is a respectful academic journal. Julia, Porter Liebeskind, “Internal Capital Markets: Benefits, Costs, and Organization Arrangements” Organization Science , Vol. 11, No. 1 (Jan. - Feb., 2000), pp. 58-76 This is not a respectful academic journal. Ajit Kambil, Paul F. Nunes and Diane Wilson. “Transforming the MArketspace with All-in-One Markets”International Journal of Electronic Commerce , Vol. 3...

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Pressure Groups

strongly about a belief and try to influence the government on certain issues of policies, they are referred to as a pressure group. ‘Pressure groups are voluntary organizations formed to defend a particular interest in a society or to promote cause or political position.’ Some pressure groups may be more important to the British policy process than others. I will discuss the role and influence they have to a democratically elected government on implementing policies. There are two types of Pressure groups...

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public opinion

opinion held by an individual about a social or political topic. The meaning of public opinion has changed dramatically over time. Political scientist Susan Herbst writes that "Formalized tabulation of political opinions began in the city-states of ancient Greece, where elections were viewed as central components of the democratic process. Yet it was not until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that quantification became a significant element of political discourse in the West." COMPONENTS OF PUBLIC...

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Literature Review

 Influences of Economic and Political Power COML/ORGL 506 Gonzaga University John Doe COML/ORGL 506 Professor Walker June 10, 2014 Abstract The following paper discusses how economic and political power influences immigration and policy decisions. Immigration is a strongly debated topic that is difficult to simplify as it multi-faceted and provokes strong emotional positions. The research focuses on the impact of Mexican immigration into the United States because...

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How Have Extreme Partisan Politics Affected Voter Turn Out or Behavior?

the Democratic or Republican candidate, in elections. Citizens who do fall in the gray area with beliefs that are neither one extreme nor the other are still forced to choose when it comes time for elections. What influence has the current political state of extreme partisanship certainly had on the voter turn out and participation? Is this influence increasing or decreasing the amount citizens are willing to stay involved in today’s politics? The aim of this research paper is to explore the...

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Meanings, Concepts of and Ideasmin Public Administration

various meanings, concepts of and ideas on Public Administration as a field of study and practice.   “Public Administration as defined is the organization and Management of men and materials to achieve the purposes of government.” It’s the art and science of management as applied to affairs of the state. Cited in Waldo,1955. It has dual usages: as a field of practice and as a field of study. Meaning “both a professional and scholarly discipline” (Ocampo,1993) which has been much influenced in recent...

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International Politics Brief

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS-MEANING, NATURE AND SCOPE INTRODUCTION  International Politics as an academic discipline is of a recent origin. This discipline is that so new that it can be called as the ‘youngest of all the social sciences’. It is dynamic in nature. The first chair of international Politics was founded in 1919 at the university College, Wales, U.K. Since International Politics is concerned with the relations among different nations. In the present time, Environment protection, growing...

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Literature Review - Foreign aid

provide foreign aid to certain countries based on political ideologies, geopolitical strategic locations, or other foreign policy objectives. This paper begins by identifying the major debates in the literature regarding what motivates the provision of foreign aid by a country. There seems to be clear divisions between political and strategic motivations to provide foreign aid as opposed to economic needs and policy performance or finally, political ideology. Major Debates in the Foreign Aid Literature ...

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis originated from the business sciences, it has evolved into a field that now incorporates economics, political science, game and decision theory, and environmental sciences. Current models of SA apply a variety of tools on both qualitative and quantitative data to understand stakeholders, their positions, influence with other groups, and their interest in a particular reform. In addition, it provides an idea of the impact of reform on political and social forces, illuminates the divergent...

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Principle of Management Course: My Experiences

relationships within an organization, how to use power to achieve your goals and how to manipulate people. Although this definition might seem totalitarian, my background in Political Science supported my initial misconceptions of management. I am a political science major and the questions most often asked in political science courses deal with power within a structure and how this power is used, abused and expressed by those in control. Therefore, I came into the Principles of Management course...

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Syllabus for Ias

colonization, decolonization, 3. political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism etc.- their forms and effect on the society. | 1. NCERT. 2. Selective reading of IGNOU BA History. 3. IGNOU MA history | #3: Socio stuff 1. Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country. | 1. Starting point is IGNOU MPS 003 India democracy and Development. 2. Then there is Decent material scattered in IGNOU Sociology, political science and Public Administration (BA...

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Research Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines • Choosing a topic and cases Here are some selection criteria to consider: Relevance: Try to choose a topic with significance for the particular course in which you are enrolled (Comparative Political Economy, Democratization in World Politics, International Law, etc.) as well as for international studies more broadly. Interest: you will be committing significant time and energy to this project all semester, so choose wisely! Feasibility/Availability of resources: select...

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Chinese Red Song Chorus

encompass six aspects: the goodness of the Chinese Communist Party, the goodness of the Motherland, the goodness of socialism, the goodness of economic reform and opening, and the goodness of the People’s Army, which essentially embracing the entire political life of the Chinese people.This activity peaked around July 2011, when the 90th birthday of Chinese Communist Party was coming (Bandurski, 2011).Almost all of local governments, party branches, state-owned companies and schools in China hold activities...

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College (1877). For ten years, he wrote items for the Springfield, Massachusetts Republican and the Daily Union. In 1888 he was appointed lecturer in political science at Bryn Mawr College; in 1894 he became professor of sociology at Columbia University. From 1892 to 1905 he was a vice president of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. His most significant contribution is the concept of the consciousness of kind, which is a state of mind whereby one conscious being recognizes another...

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scope of public adminitration

of public administration are given below: The concept of development administration is a widely recognized concept these days and it has significantly stimulated the interest of scholars, not only of public administration but also of other social sciences. It is, being attended too heavily in the developing countries with a view to orienting it to development aspects (programmes and projects related to socio­economic progress) of administration. Development administration is concerned with the design...

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where I was granted Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with Psychology . Ghana has evolved into a stable and mature democracy throughout the last two decades. The country continues to show good performance on democratic governance, arising from strong civil society activism, growing media pluralism and press freedom, and adherence to the tenets of rule of law. The 2012 worldwide governance indicator placed Ghana between the 50th and 60th percentile on political stability, government effectiveness...

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Kas Date Sheet


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cookies, he should make only cookies (8), and Sara should only make bread (4). This bows out the curve. Doctor versus custodian a) Economic forces (different schools of thought) b) Social and historic forces (religion and tradition) c) Political and Legal forces (democratic versus dictatorship) 10) Should we have free or fair trade? Why? How should it be analyzed? a) b) c) d) 11) TANSSAAFL 12) What are economic models? 13) A big portion to help control individual’s...

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Cause and Effect: The Canadian Rebellions of 1837 and 1838.

prior to the actual rebellions as they are significant to the understanding of the causes of these uprisings. In 1837 and 1838, insurrections against the British colonial government arose in Lower and Upper Canada. Moderates hoped to reform the political system, while radicals yearned for a restructuring of both administration and society (Read , 19-21). During this time period an economic crisis had swept both Upper and Lower Canada. In Lower Canada many French habitants were suffering from famine...

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Normative Theory and Policy Evaluation

analysis research. Such research often involves ethical dilemmas that relate to: 1. Whether one's purposes should include prescription or evaluation, as well as prediction or explanation. 2. Whether or not to work to maximize the interests of a political party, special interest group, or only general societal interests. 3. Focusing on intended consequences versus all consequences. 4. Efficiency versus equity as policy goals. 5. Evaluation along versus evaluation plus diverse replication as an ...

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Foreign Policy


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Neo-Realism vs Neo-Liberalism

Kayla Ferry Political Science 150 Dr. Byron October 5, 2010 1) Neo-realism, also known as structural realism see international politics as a power struggle between states. Conflicts between states and security competition are due to a lack of “an overarching authority above states and the relative distribution of power in the international system” (Dunne 98). Scholar Kenneth Waltz defined the structure of the international system in three elements: organizing principle, differentiation...

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Public Administration Overview

bureaucracy) were thought to be synonymous or at least reconcilable. 2) The work of government was thought to be divisible into two parts, decision and execution, or the politics-administration dichotomy. 3) Execution or administration is, or can be made, a science based on firm scientific principles for administration which can be discovered and applied. 4) The values and practices of business management can be generally applied success- fully to governmental administration. Dwight Waldo, a primary influence...

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Public Policy Models

constitutional provisions, administrative and common law, and judicial decisions. It focuses on formal arrangements such as federalism executive reorganizations, presidential commission, etc. Traditionally political science has studied government institutions--Congress, presidency, courts, political parties, etc.--that authoritatively determine, implement, and enforce public policy. Strictly speaking, a policy is not a public policy until it is adopted, implemented and enforced by some governmental...

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