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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1 Be able to understand the forces for change in an organisation PAGEREF _Toc397341613 \h 3CHANGE MANAGEMENT PAGEREF _Toc397341614 \h 3Task 1 PAGEREF _Toc397341615 \h 41.1 Determine the organisation’s position in the sector and market within which it operates PAGEREF _Toc397341616 \h 41.2 Identify an opportunity for change, in support of the organisation’s objectives PAGEREF _Toc397341617 \h 41.3 Discuss a model or method to identify a change process and the communication of that change process PAGEREF _Toc397341618 \h 5Task 2 PAGEREF _Toc397341619 \h 72. be able to understand the impact of the change process PAGEREF _Toc397341620 \h 72.1. Evaluate the impact of the change process on individuals in the organisation PAGEREF _Toc397341621 \h 7Impact of change on individual PAGEREF _Toc397341622 \h 72.2 Assess the impact of the change on organisational stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc397341623 \h 7Assess Impact of change on stakeholder PAGEREF _Toc397341624 \h 72.3 Analyse the impact of the change on achievement of organisational objectives. PAGEREF _Toc397341625 \h 8Change Impact Organizations objective PAGEREF _Toc397341626 \h 8Task3 3.1 Describe how to secure support for the change process from senior management. PAGEREF _Toc397341627 \h 93.2 Demonstrate how individuals in the organisation will be supported during the change process PAGEREF _Toc397341628 \h 103.3 Construct a plan to implement and monitor the change process PAGEREF _Toc397341629 \h 10Plan to implement and monitor PAGEREF _Toc397341630 \h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc397341631 \h 11 1 Be able to understand the forces for change in an organisationCHANGE MANAGEMENT Involves the process that ensures the business responds to the environment in which it operates. “Change is a pervasive influence. It is an inescapable part of both social and organisational life and we are all subject to continual change of one form or another” (Mullins, 1996) Change management processThe change management is the process of steps or activities that a change management team or project leader would follow to apply change management to a project or change. The most effective and commonly applied change, most change management processes contain the following three phases: Phase 1 - Preparing for change (Preparation, assessment and strategy development) Phase 2 - Managing change (Detailed planning and change management implementation) Phase 3 - Reinforcing change (Data gathering, corrective action and recognition)
(Change-management, 2013) Five activities which help in effective change management

Motivating change
Creating vision of change
Developing political support
Managing the transition of change
Sustaining momentum
Importance of changeChange brings risk and uncertainties, which, if not managed properly, may lead to huge costs to the organization or even collapse of the organization Change sometimes brings challenges without which life and business activities may become monotonous and repetitive. Change may bring new business opportunities

Change sometimes brings new threats which act as stimuli for improvements Change process may be used by the organizations to move from current state of business operations to next higher state of business operations. Change process may enable the organization to abandon some negative cultural values, some outdated & obsolete practices and methods etc. Change process can be used to raise motivation viz. by creating desire to support and participate in the change Change...

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