Change Management

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Change management Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Changes arise because of the problems, but many changes can come from proactively seeking business such as reducing cost or improving services. The prime goal of the change management process is to ensure that the standardised methods and procedures are followed in an efficient and prompt handling manner. At NHS the change request entails to consider approach to the assessment which is for the risk and the service providing to the customers. NHS is one of the largest organizations in the world which can be defined with employees more than 1.3 million and annual budget more than £80 billion (NHS, 2012).

TASK – 2.1: Examine the need for strategic change in an organization The NHS service delivery and organization was launched with an action plan to produce and promote the use of the research evidence about how the organization deliver the service can be improved and especially in order to increase the quality of patient cases. The drivers for change in NHS were the factors which influence the change management control. At NHS the employee does not have the responsibility to manage the change; the basic responsibility of the employee is to work and out the best of the effort in their work. Organizational change is very much essential in this modern world for all the companies not only to maintain the competitive advantage but also to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment (William, 2005).

There are numerous factors which are forcing NHS to make a strategic change in the organizational management such as the environment, organization structure, politics, leadership and etc. At NHS there are huge pressures to change from both from internal and external sources, to make the change so that the result in the long term future is good. These factors are both internal factor and external factors effecting the change in the strategic change management of NHS (NHSemployers, 2012). * Strengths: At NHS the strength of the...

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