change management

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Change had become part of life in today fast paced world. From introducing new technology to evidence based practises. In the Health care setting, change is needed to increase quality of patient care therefore change is inevitable. It is something that we have to adapt to or risk being left behind ( Costello and Benman, 2009). With the vision of providing quality care to patient, nurses are at the frontline in Change Management. This position expose us to different roles required to implementing change( Salmela, Eriksson and Fagerstrom, 2011). As a nurse leader, selecting the right leadership style is challenging. Knowing what roles to play and when to incorporate changes in the culture of an organisation is crucial. In this article, we will discuss the changes had been introduced to reduce central line blood stream infection, the importance of leadership and how it affects change management.

Implementing Evident based practise

As technology advances, the need for health care professional to readjust their pace and incorporate technology into their daily care increases too. Health care professionals are no longer the only source of information for educating patient and family members. Instead, it had become one of the sources of information that patients and their family members would seek. The World Wide Web has been transformed into a platform where members of public could seek any information (Amand and Golden 2011). Therefore, it is necessary that health care professional be armed on knowledgelatest evidence based practises and best practice guidelines. Solomon and Spross (2008) states that there are benefits associated with use of evidenced based practises. Apart from being accredited by recognised organisation such as Joint Commission International, research had showed that there is a positive relation with patient outcome by implementing evidence based practise into daily care (Solomon and Spross, 2008). Therefore, solutions in reducing central line associated blood stream infection needs to be proven effective and cost effective before implementation. Boersma and Schouten (2010) state that, central line catheters are used to facilities administration of chemotherapy, supportive therapy and blood sampling. As it is a device that could be placed inside the body for a longer period of time than peripheral IV access, it has become the preferred route for patients with poor vein access or patient that requires long duration of Intravenous injection (Boersma and Schouten, 2010). However, mishandling or prolonged used in the catheter causes woe to patient. As quoted by Khalid et al (2013), Cost associated with central line blood stream includes expenses of up to $2.3billion annually. Its adverse impacts patients with an 18% increased mortality and 11-13 day increase in intensive care unit length of stay (khalid et al 2013). These statistics have provided enough reason for us to take initiative in reducing central line infection. “Michigan project” and “Bacteraemia zero” was found during search of literature. Both projects uses multiple methods known as “bundle of care” to reduce central line infection. Therefore, the following interventions named as “bundle of care” was intended to be implemented. 1.) Strict hand wash

2.) Use of Chloexidine dressing
3.) Check list

Group Formation

Effective leadership play an important role in ensuring success of projects that faces high degree of uncertainty. By practising effective leaderships, implementation of new guidelines in nursing care seems less daunting and results in higher success rate in change management (Tyssen et al, 2013).

Our group dynamics are explained by using Tuckman’s theory. During “Forming” stage, team member relies on leader in giving instructions and setting goals. Member starts to discover interpersonal relationships and task behaviour in an attempt to establish...
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