Challenges and Rewards I Will Face as a Teacher

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There are many rewards and challenges a teacher will face. Not every teacher may have the same rewards and challenges as another teacher. In the following paragraphs I will share three of my own rewards and three challenges I will face as a teacher.

The first reward is my desire to work with young people. I want to interact with young people and help them learn and develop. Teaching is a satisfying profession. A national survey suggests that teachers as a group are satisfied with the profession and their level of satisfaction has increased in the last 25 years (Introduction to Teaching, 2007, pg. 5). Being able to help in shaping our young people gives one a great feeling.

The second reward of teaching is being appreciated. Not only do to young people really look to teachers but the community as well. For example if you are at your local supermarket and a former student and there parent stop you in the store to tell you what a great influence you had on them and there lives, is a way for a teacher to really feel appreciated. When a student leaves a note on your desk saying how grateful they are for all the hard work you have done to help them, it really makes you as a teacher feel really touched knowing what a positive message you are giving to young people. When your community sees and hears what an impact you have on these young people really makes your decision to be a teacher that much rewarding.

The third and most rewarding thing I as teacher will face is learning more about the world and seeing students get excited about the same things we do. Without exception, intellectual stimulation is a burning need of the teachers (Introduction to Teaching, 2007, pg. 8). As we as teachers teach, it is enlightening to see our students get so excited and involved over a lesson. To know that is so exciting to the teachers because we know and see we are not boring these young people. In my experience at our local Head Start, it was so amazing to see 4 and 5 year...

References: Introduction to Teaching, 2007
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