Challenges and Rewards of Learning a Secondary Language

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Challenges and
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People learn languages in different ways, and it is important to consider various learning options to increase an individual’s potential for success.

Learning a secondary language can improve quality of life
Learning a new language has many benefits; career advancement, bridging communication gaps, and strengthening life skills. “What theory implies, quite simply, is that language acquisition, first or second, occurs when comprehension of real messages occurs, and when the acquire is not ‘on the defensive’” wrote Steven D. Krashner (1981) Many employers look for bilingual employees to enhance their business marketing and sales outreach. As the world shrinks due to the increase of electronic capabilities, employers look for employees who can help them bridge the communication gap. The United States itself is a melting pot of different languages and cultures. These employers are in different sectors of opportunities, they can be in the retail sector, transportation, tourism, administration, secretarial services, public relations, marketing & sales, banking and accounting, translations, or law, and teaching. Each has its own unique set of business and customer needs revolving around authentic language communication. Optional ways to learn a foreign language

Current language learning programs include immersion, computer programs, and formal classes. Each type of learning offers students strengths based on investment of time, money, and resources. By assessing and understanding one’s preferred learning style it is possible to affect the learning outcome positively and increase the investment return. We must have open minds to learn the way that is best for each individual. One of the ways to learn a new language is through immersion into the cultural of the language of choice. The teachers use a vast repertoire of teaching strategies to help the participants to learn the new language. The...

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