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In this we are going to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the managers while entering the industry in the current economic climate.

what is the type of source?

It is an online publication and it is mainly for the things faced by the managers entering the this we will discuss about the skills and the acceptance of the managers while entering the industry.

In the current economic climate the managers have an biggest challenges and the opportunities while entering the industry because in the economical situation management is an key role and especially for the new managers entering the industry.They need to focus on certain things like in the development of the industry and they should not allow the company to go down in their standards and mainly they should stick to the current scenario of the economical conditions.

The author says that the managers will lead the big role in the developing of the industry and they need to understand the situation and the effectiveness of the managers while entering the industry..then the managers have to communicate well with the employees and the managers have to maintain their profitability what the industry needs.

contributes to answering the research question?

In this we are going to discuss more interesting things .the managers should develop the attitude to deal with employees by having an proper communication within them and they need to conduct some events and meetings between them.they should take some risks to develop their concern .their task should to develop their organizations and and they full fill the companies need and they should lead their role from the front by vital roles and they should have an economical statics to be involved and their professional strengths to be managed..they need to discuss the companies vision and the companies mission of the industry within their

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