Ritz Carlton Management

Topics: Management, Control, Leadership Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: June 23, 2013
* Explain various managerial roles and challenges in contemporary business organizations. Every business organization has its own ways of managing issues and problems occurring in their environment. Ritz Carlton cares about perfecting their image and reputation, and in order for that, they must be make sure that they’re managing skills are faultless. Managerial roles include such as, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. “Precise standards and specifications for treating consumers” [1 Studymode.com (2011] showing us that they plan on choosing the best staff in order to provide the best for their valuable consumers. Organization is key to a manager, especially at Ritz Carlton, where they constantly reinforce company values and service techniques. Similarly, at Ritz Carlton, they continuously school their employees daily for 15 minutes. [2 Studymode.com (2011] In order to sure that their employees are always updated and kept to standards that match the name of the company. In order for a manager to lead, they must be able to affect and get the attention and respect of their subordinates; this is done in different ways at Ritz Carlton. They provide monetary and non monetary rewards in order to increase motivation and effect placed by the employees. Also, “they don’t tell employees what to do and how to make customers happy” [3 Studymode.com (2011] they allow the employees to please and meet the expectations needed on their own, as they like to keep their presentations and approach natural, and less taught. Final role of a manager is to control the business and their employees too. In order to control their business, they must make sure that they’re internal factors such as employees are constantly under control. External factors such as language should also be controlled. Hiring subordinates who speak different languages to avoid any embarrassment and uncomfort for the consumers. Nevertheless, challenges are faced in all contemporary business organizations...
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