Topics: Writing, English-language films, Essay Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Ildeberto Yanez

English 102

Jessica Wedemeyer

July 16, 2013

Reflection 2: Film Analysis

The second essay of this course was quite tough, in a sense where you had to think back to the movie, your notes, and other tidbits that you had noticed throughout the film. The film I chose was, Children of Men, which at first I thought was so confusing, because everything seemed to be at a fast pace and also very random. While watching the movie if not paid close attention to you would just see killings, shootings, yelling, despair and a boat at the end, leaving you like saying, “ What just happened?” I began drafting at an early point during the switch of each movie scene, so I wouldn’t forget what happened at that moment of the film.

The way I drafted my film analysis for Children of Men, was a lot easier than The Help, just because The Help didn’t grab my full attention for an essay. Upon choosing this film as my choice, dealt with the action, puzzle like theme, where you have to piece the movie together to make sense out of it. While The Help, was more of a straightforward, somewhat predictable movie and emotional movie, the Children of Men, had more to deal with. If I had the opportunity to redo my film analysis, I would go more into depth on how the movie uses religious like tones, like for example: When Kee shows Theo that she’s pregnant in the barn, to me seemed like a resemblance of Jesus being born. Many little hidden things that rap up the movie at the end, like hope, the ship was called Tomorrow, while Kee, has the last child born in the last 18 years, tomorrow there is hope for human salvation.

I liked in my essay how I could clearly write out what happens in great detail on half of the movie, without really having to watch it, but towards the end trail off. Towards the end I started to change my film summary to the film analysis without much of a correct transition. When my peer read my essay, she like how I was able to explain the...
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