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1. As Jeffords suggests, “In 1991, the hard bodies of the 1980s seemed to have been successfully rejected in mainstream Hollywood films, but not, as the films of the late 1980s might have suggested, for the values of justice…Hollywood’s interest in justice had waned and been replaced by a less socially troublesome topic—commitment to the family” (140-141).

How are Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop (1987) or John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood (1991) and another Hollywood film of your choosing examples of either a 1980s “hard body” action film or an early 1990s “new man” action film? Specifically, focus on the representation of masculinity and the shape of the hero in each respective film.

In order to properly contextualize these two films, then, please be sure to use Jeffords’ essay to define the characteristics of each type of action film and to ground your analysis.

Find what a “new man” is
Focus on the representation of masculinity and shape of the hero Use Robocop (1987) and use it comparing it to Death wish 4: the crackdown (1987) Use Jeffords comparing to both Robocop (1987) and (film of choice) supporting the 80s “hard body” film

The historical and political events noted by Jeffords, in her essay, “Terminal Masculinity: Men in the Early 1990s,” that played a significant backdrop to the 80s and 90s American action film said by her were that “the national debt doubled, the threat of communism grew less, many, as many on the right became increasingly outspoken and independent, as reports of drug use increased, as AIDS moved clearly out of the “closet” and into white heterosexual homes, as the Iran-contra scandal refused to disappear, as George Bush came under attack for his relationship to Manuel Noriega, as the Reagans were accused of abuse and neglect by their daughter, Patty Davis, U.S. mainstream citizens began to worry that the social order that had seemed to be so smoothly instituted under Ronald Reagan had begun to deteriorate.” Jeffords singles out the family and justice because “by 1991, Hollywood’s interest in justice had waned and been replaced by a less socially troublesome topic-commitment to the family.” Jeffords shows examples in the rest of her essay of the significance in justice turning into family values through films such as the Terminator 2, Lethalweapon, the Beauty and the Beast, and Robocop 2, along with several other films

Officer Alex J. Murphy is a Detroit officer who is as the beginning of the movie gets partnered with Anne Lewis by his boss. Murphy and Lewis are radioed to arrest bank robbers who have recently robbed a bank led by Clarence Boddicker. Murphy is killed by the robbers, mainly Clarence, then is revived back to life as a cyborg known as Robocop, which is owned by Omni Consumer Products, Bob Morton. Murphy the Robocop, stops Dick Jones and Clarence Boddicker’s criminal partnership and stops corruption and crime.

Officer Anne Lewis is Alex J. Murphy’s partner. Lewis is the one who reminds Robocop of who is really is, Alex J. Murphy. Lewis saves Murphy during an attempt from the order of Dick Jones to terminate Robocop and nourishes him back to good health. Lewis then helps Murphy when Clarence Boddicker and his gang attempt to kill Robocop with Anti-Aircraft weapons provided by Dick Jones. The Old Man is chairman of Omni Consumer Products who is trying to begin construction of his new project, Delta City. The Old Man is first shown watching a presentation given by Dick Jones his “number two” who is introducing ED-209, a robot created to “clean up the city” in order to be funded. After the ED-209 killing of an innocent businessman during the ED-209 presentation, Bob Morton introduces the idea of Robocop, which The Old Man agrees with and funds.

Dick Jones is the Old Man’s “number two”. Jones introduces the ED-209, which is turned down by the Old Man because of a malfunction that resulted in an innocent death. Jones is jealous of Bob Morton for...
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