Celta Pre Interview Task

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Learners and Teachers, and the Teaching and Learning Context A: TEACHING AND LEARNING CONTEXTS

Task 1 1. In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?

The context that I will be doing the CELTA course is as an already experienced teacher, having worked in most types of the teaching contexts listed in the task. I have worked, for the past eighteen years mainly with young learners, although I have gained some experience with adult learners during that time also. Having lived and worked, teaching English as a foreign language in Greece and Egypt since 1992, I have gained extensive experience within the teaching field. The aim for me personally, in doing the CELTA course, is not only to have an official, internationally recognized qualification, but to become a more “polished” as a teacher. To gain more confidence and professionalism in what I am already doing with the possibility of more doors and opportunities opening up for me, which may hopefully lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling career.



Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?

I will probably continue teaching in the context which I am teaching in at the moment, which is one-to one lessons, unless a new worthwhile opportunity presents itself. One-to-one teaching can be isolating and although it can be quite financially rewarding it is also demanding and challenging. Many of my students, at present are undisciplined and lacking motivation due to pressure from parents and a chaotic educational system which breads insecurity and negativity within the parents, and is then reflected upon the children.


B: THE LEARNERS’ CULTURAL, LINGUISTIC AND EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDS Task 2 1. Think about why you decided to teach adults.

I have decided to teach adults or get more involved in teaching adults as it is quite different from teaching young learners. Although I am at present mainly working with young learners, and may still continue teaching them, I feel it would give me more variety, possibly be more interesting, depending on the level and motivation of the adult learner.


Think about what you, as an adult, bring to this learning situation.

I feel that I can bring a lot of my experience and knowledge of teaching into this learning situation. Apart from being a native speaker, I have also been a learner myself, as a student of Greek and Arabic, so I can see it from the learner’s perspective too. I fully understand that every learner is unique, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Look at your answers to questions 1 and 2 and use these ideas to help you to write down what characterizes adult learners. Adult learners are more mature and experienced. Presenting a different and more challenging context, in both negative and positive forms. Adults, quite often balancing, work, family, interests and study, present quite a different situation altogether. Their levels of motivation can vary but they can also bring their own life experience into the lesson. -3-

Task 3 1. What would you want to find out about a group of learners that you had to teach so that you could plan your lessons?

There is some information which I would need to find out about a group that I had to teach in order to make a plan. Such as: Is the group monolingual or multilingual Mixed of similar ability group Is the group elementary, intermediate or advanced (Level) Mixed or same gender group Cultural background Educational background What they have studied so far General age of the group (young adults, mature adults, mixed) Reasons for the group learning English (Specific purposes)


How would you find out?

Information about the group could be found out from the school or the educational institute. A placement test could be taken by the students prior to the lesson or course. A group interview could also take place in order to asses the students. One to one interview would probably...
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