ESOL: curriculum design

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Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice

This assignment will give me the opportunity to explore an area of curriclum I have delivered in detail and write a crictical and reflective commentary; with reference to issues related to the development and quality of the curriclum. In doing so, I shall first identify and analyse the range of contexts in which the education and training are offered in the lifelong learning sector (LLS); explore definitions of curriclum and justify which is most applicable in my area of the curriculum; examine the theories, principles and models of curriculum design and its implementation by evaluating their impact on teaching and learning; and evaluate the significance of equality and diversity to curriculum design and demonstrate the ability to promote equality within my own practice. Finally I will critically evaluate my own practice by making proposals for improvements with reference to a range of theories, principles and modles of curriculum development relevant to the curriculum. My subject specialism in teaching within the Lifelong Learning Sector (LLS) is ESOL (English to Speakers of Other languages) and the area of curriclum i shall explore in detail withing this assignment is Skills for Life Level Entry 3.

The context I teach in mainly comes under the community and adult education within the Lifelong learning; a sector which is very broad consisting of work based learning, distance learning, private training providers, voluntary and prison education which are some of many other contexts which delivers education to its learners aged 16 and above. (see appendix i) Leaning can occur throughout every person’s life and opportunities are there in UK to meet educational needs for learners of all different walks of life. Thus, the different context in which education sits contributes to the way how one defines currioculum and in which the curriculum is designed and facilitated to meet its purpose.

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