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Candidate’s name Ismail Eyamba ________

Focus on the Learner

800 – 1000 words

Use the following check list to ensure you have included everything in this assignment. Use this page as your cover sheet.

Check that you have:

           

stated the level of the student provided an account of your learner’s language learning background and learning experiences included details of your learner’s motivations for learning English provided an account of your learner’s preferred learning style included two problems that your student has with grammar or vocabulary included two problems that your student has with pronunciation used the IPA to transcribe your learner’s problems with pronunciation included specific examples of each of the two problem areas in Part 2 and 3 provided a brief account of your learner’s difficulties with either reading, listening, or writing. provided (and included) a task to help your student with one of the problem areas outlined in Part 2 or 3. provided a rationale for you choice of task included a bibliography

983 Word count ________

Candidate’s signature ________

Submission date ________

Assignment 1: Focus on the Learner 1. Personal details a) Educational and Social Background. For this assignment I interviewed and observed Federica, she is 21 years old and is from Italy. Federica’s native language is Italian. She is currently working as an aupair in London and studying a degree in linguistics at university in Italy. She has one year remaining to complete her degree. In the future she’s interested in becoming a translator. She’s also studying Russian and German. Her current level of English is upper intermediate. Prior to this course, Federica had been learning English in Italy from the age of 10. She states that learning English when she was a child has helped her current vocabulary level. Federica is a keen participant within classroom activities. She often volunteers her knowledge and engages in...

Bibliography: Swan, M. , (2001), Learner English: A Teacher 's Guide to Interference and Other Problems, Volume 1, Cambridge university press, Cambridge. Baker, A. , Ship or Sheep: An intermediate pronunciation course, 3rd edition, Cambridge university press.
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