Unit 3 Example Assignment

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Assignment: Learner information
OCR Level 3 Health and Social Care
Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care



General Information for Learners
QDo I have to pass this assignment?
A Yes. You must pass this assignment to achieve the full qualification. QWhat help will I get?
AYour tutor will help you when completing the OCR assignment and will make sure that you know what resources/facilities you need and are allowed to use. QWhat if I don’t understand something?
AIt is your responsibility to read the assignment carefully and make sure you understand what you need to do and what you should hand in. If you are not sure, check with your tutor. QCan I copy other people’s work?

ANo. The work that you produce must be your own work and you may be asked to sign a declaration to say that the work is your own. You should never copy the work of other candidates or allow others to copy your work. Any information that you use from other sources, e.g. books, newspapers, professional journals, the Internet, must be clearly identified and not presented as your own work. QCan I work in a group?

AYes. However, if you work in a group at any stage you must still produce work that shows your individual contribution. QHow should I present my work?
AYou can present your work in a variety of ways, eg hand-written, word-processed, on video. However, what you choose should be appropriate to the task(s). For some work, e.g. presentations, coaching sessions, role-play, work experience, you will need to provide proof that you completed the task(s). A witness statement or observation sheet could be used for this. If you are unsure, check with your tutor. QWhen I have finished, what do I need to hand in?

AYou need to hand in the work that you have completed for each task. Do not include any draft work or handouts unless these are asked for. When you hand in your work make sure that it is labelled, titled and in the correct order for assessing. QHow will my work be assessed?

AYour work will be marked by an assessor in your centre. The assessor will mark the work using the assessment objectives and the grade descriptors in the qualification specification. Scenario
Safety Matters
As the Health and Safety Office for the Local Authority you have been asked to put on a training day for new care workers in your area. The following advert has been sent to all health and social care settings in your area.

You are to prepare for the training day by producing presentations, risk assessments and written reports to show to your group of trainees. A wide variety of professions are expected to be represented at the training day, so you will need to cover a selection of scenarios from various environments. Tasks

Task 1:Potential hazards in health and social care
Assessment Criteria P1
For the first part of your training day, you must prepare a presentation that explains the potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each hazard. You should choose a setting that you know well and refer to this throughout the presentation. You may wish to include photographic evidence to highlight the hazard (be sure to obtain consent from your setting before doing this). A minimum of six potential hazards should be covered.

The evidence for this will be:
A set of presentation slides that explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health or social care setting (P1)

Task 2:Legislation….... what’s the impact?
Assessment Criterion P2, M1
Now you have grabbed the attention of your audience you need to introduce them to legislation and policies and procedures. You must outline each piece of legislation etc. and make it clear how it influences health and social care settings. Produce a descriptive table or poster which gives outline information about the legislation,...
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