The preacher on street corners

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Put some more thought into your international marketing plan idea, and check in with people with whom you might want to team up. Remember, rosters and ideas are due NEXT WEEK!

Review the outline on page 341. Bookmark it for future reference. It will be the basis of your paper, so make sure you know where it is.

Phase 1: Preliminary Analysis
Company - tell me about your business idea.
Home country - where are you exporting from/based?
Host (target) country - where are you selling to?
Competition - are there existing products? Why is yours better? (Cite your research)
Phase 1 on page 349.
Evaluate the economic development of both your home and host countries according to page 266. Describe their Primary Orientation and how these have changed, how you believe they will change, and how it will affect your business. Describe any other factors you find interesting according to that chart. Address any trade agreements that affect your business, industry, country.

Phase 1 on page 341
Be sure to address, for your country or product, any issues related to your home or host country's political, legal or economic situation.

Place in the home-country or host-country sections under Phase 1. Research the involvement with your home/host-target country of the: WTO( ) IMF

orld BankI don't need the history of these organizations, just whether or not your country(ies) are members and if these organizations will have an impact on your business. What are the rules, tariffs, etc for importing/exporting your product? Not every product. Just yours.

Remember that some of your key inputs may be imported before they are exported or distributed locally. Make sure you cite your facts appropriately.Phase 2: Market Analysis Product - what is your product?

How might you have to change it for it to sell in your host country? Brand name
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