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the sake of clarity, he has provided a compare and contrast study between thematerials managed in a hospital, and the ones in an engineering manufacturingorganisation. Once the classificatory system is in operation, and the policies arestated, a computer programme will help automation by working out the inventory levels, order quantity and order date. This is followed by two chapters which are case studies related to the samesubject by Dr A.V. Srinivasan, ‘Hospital Stores Organisation and Pharmacy’ and‘Selective Systems of Materials Management in a Hospital—Case Illustration’.Making use of live data, he illustrates how pharmacy and hospital material storesare organised by structure and policy. All systems discussed by Mr V. Venkat Reddy are illustrated by item name and calculation in the second case study.Mr K.P. Kumar has an interesting and novel approach to derive inventory policiesfor drugs in a hospital pharmacy. He extends the classificatory systems presentedearlier, uses combinatorial analysis to reduce the classes, and put them intodecision boxes, where the policy and the person in the hierarchy who is responsiblefor its implementation are clearly stated. The chapter titled ‘MBASIC System for Effective Drug Management’ by Kumar is a good example of decision-support system for drug inventory management. The availability of inventory management software, computer professionals and suitable hardware signal the application of this effective technique.Customer Relations Management is now a hot topic in marketing and IT. MsPooja Elizabeth George has discussed it in easy language and applied to hospitalmanagement in the chapter, ‘Customer Experience Management—A MarketingInitiative’. She has gone a step farther from image with and retention of customersof CRM to learning and adoption of their experience. Hospitals in private sector increasingly face competition and the customers (patients and referees) are gettingmore information from internet and are demanding. She has shown how to survivein such an environment by building competitive strength. She has supported therationality with observation and a structure. This and the next chapter are valuableadditions of latest knowledge to this edition. A medical record is a compilation of pertinent facts about a patient’s life andhealth history, including past and present illnesses and treatment given by healthprofessionals contributing to the patient’s care. It is the personal property of thepatient and ensures continuity of treatment. The chapter, ‘Medical Records’, by Ms Mamta Edwards, covers the purpose, uses and value of medical records. Theauthor indicates who is responsible for the construction, maintenance,administration of medical records and related legal issues. The formats in whichthe records are to be maintained, the types of data, and the retention principle

are also covered. This chapter concludes with future developments andcomputerisation of records.Operations Research is a multidisciplinary approach for problem-solving andimproving efficiency. It uses some of the proven mathematical models to a situation, whether it is simple or complex. This has been used very widely in industries andin Johns Hopkins Hospital, as early as the fifties. Its application has becomeeasier now with the availability of powerful PCs and relevant software. Its utility is so high that it is a core subject in every management curriculum. Dr K.N.Gaur, in the chapter, ‘Operations Research in Hospitals’, traces the history of this approach to provide rationality, makes a listing of the major techniquesincluded under this head, and describes how to build a model. In the second part of his paper, he shows how to apply selected Operations Research techniques tohospital situations. These are Allocation Methods, Queueing Models, Replacement Models and Network Techniques.Dr Jeet Patwari has applied the concepts of expert...
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