Causes of Forest Fires

Topics: Causality, Arbor Day, Lightning Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: November 5, 2012
The world has many natural disasters which cause many human and material losses. An example of these disasters are floods, air pollution and forest fires. So, this essay will highlight the main causes of forest fires.

The first main cause of forest fires is because of nature. It can be caused by many factors like lightning .When the Lightning strikes a tree, the tree begins to burn with fires which expanded to other trees and unlikely the flames continue non-stop. For instance, the numbers of forest fires which destroying million of hectares of valuable trees are increasing more than 100,000 in USA (rubychacha, Boutique Market Research Agency: online). Forest fires can be caused by earthquakes since it cause a lot of massive fires where it lead to incidence many losses whether human or martial. For example, the greatest destruction which caused by earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, it took only a minute but it caused many worst natural disasters like one of them forest fires. Another disaster, it is in Tokyo in 1923 where it caused a huge forest fires (Arbor Day Foundation: Causes of Forest Fires). They are other factors from nature cause forest fires, such as, high temperature with drought and strong wind ,all this factors lead to fires. Bush-fires in the summer frequently occur in Australia (rubychacha, Boutique Market Research Agency: online). Due to the fact, the nature can cause many wounded on the world like forest fires disasters. The second main cause of forest fires is because human. Clearing land is a good example can cause forest fires which sometimes we cannot control it (buzzle, Bora: online). There are several reasons make them burn trees such as social problems or there is no reason maybe only pyromania and this is known as retardation. Also in the mass demonstrations that the protesters make many crimes like one of them burn the forests. According to the Arbor Day Foundation that human carelessness increasing about more than 80 percent....
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