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Topics: Wildfire, Controlled burn, Smokey Bear Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Mariah Wood
Mr. Scripps
Wildfire management

In the United States wild fires are very common during the dry season also known as summer. Although they are occurring all over the united states I would like to bring your attention to the following states, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and also Idaho. In the past few fire seasons these states have had an increase in the number of fires that have been started due to natural storms and human related accidents. They are becoming more frequent due to the current conditions of the forests and lack of up keep on the vegetation. Along with the growing frequency of these fires the intensity level of the fires are also increasing as a result of the over populated forest. With the ever increasing fire intensity the forest firefighters are in more danger now than ever. To what extent should people begin to be concerned about the growing forest fire problem? People should become concerned when the problem is continuing to escalate and becoming a growing problem. This growing problems is beginning to effect myself first hand due to where I live also with my family members who are in the wildfire fighting field. My oldest brother Chris works for Boise Dispatch, My brother Hoby is on an engine crew in McCall Idaho, My youngest brother works for Pat- Rick fire crew out of Boise Idaho, and lastly my father Dale works for Thunder Mountain Catering. They cater to the firefighters stationed on the larger fires so that they don't have to eat MRE's (Dehydrated meals ready to eat). Also during the fire season the air is thick with a gray haze covering the Treasure valley. This often happens when there are numerous fires burning around the area. Due to the current conditions of the forests these fires are becoming more frequent and also more intense. Forest fires are a growing problem in the western united states. Historically speaking management plans have had both positive and negative results. These results reflect...
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