Prescribed Burn

Topics: Pollution, Wildfire, Carbon dioxide, Fire, Natural gas, Oxygen / Pages: 3 (561 words) / Published: Nov 4th, 2016
Wildfires are extremely dangerous. They pose a serious threat to all kinds of life. In a sharp contrast to these are prescribed burns which are fires that are purposefully set and controlled. They help to prevent, and limit wildfires in places where they cause damage, and to replace wildfires in habitats which rely on the regular occurrence of fire.

Prescribed burns are fires which are purposefully set in order to eliminate some of the problems which arise from uncontrolled wildfires. Back burning is one variety of a prescribed burn. The method of action in back burning is to light several small fires ahead of a larger fire. A method used In flat areas involves using small portable torches and fuel carried in vehicles to burn large areas. A third method uses helicopters which drop balls which slowly self ignite after being dropped.

Prescribed burns reduce the amount of brush, bushes, and trees in a given area. This reduction of density increases the amount of space between plants and may create firebreaks thereby reducing the likelihood that a fire will spread. This reduction also decreases the amount of material
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This is done by preventing the burning of large trees which store most of the carbon in a forest it keeps that carbon held in until that tree dies and is consumed by decomposers.

The only negative aspect of a prescribed burn is the very slight chance that it may grow out of control. This is very unlikely as the fires are controlled and set at times when the risk is the least. They are also very well planned out and those performing the burn must have a documented plan and a permit for the burn.

Prescribed burns are considered by most to be positive events with benefits to the area in which they are performed. They reduce the spread and intensity of wildfires, prevent the release of carbon by wildfires, and minimize the risk of damage being caused by a

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