Cat and Dogs

Topics: ESPN, Talk radio, Conversation Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: April 16, 2013
which style would you prefer and why?
I prefer Around the horn because it has more sport talk then espn news and they believe in what the other person is talking about . There is a guy name mike and he is the main guy that do most of the talking but there are other people on the show that interrupts when he talking . He does not use open ended questions much. Also it is a great show to watch because when a main topic is brought up about a person like Kobe Bryant mike is the first person to say something but it is five people at the table and they just interrupts mike when he is talking but he do get his point across to the people. In closing Around the Horn is a great sports show to look at it is a round table talk and great for sports fans. .  

Discuss how the “conversations” on round table talk shows differ from one’s everyday conversations”.  
Round Table conversations are more formal compared to personal daily conversations with friends and family. Some people are rude or think they know it all, and interrupt the whole conversation and you probably do not want to have a conversation with them. The pace during a round table discussion is at a steady pace compared to a personal conversation with someone; they can speak fast or slow. Clarification is more noticeable in a personal conversation because you know the person you are talking with personally, yet with round table discussions some people may not want to be bias and clarification is not understood.
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