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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Ottoman Empire, Western culture Pages: 6 (1263 words) Published: January 6, 2014


1. Question: In what ways did the Industrial Revolution shape the character if the 19th century European imperialism?

Industrial Revolution created new materials and products
Wheat, meat, bananas, rubber, cocoa, palm oil, tea, gold and diamonds The demand for these products changed economic and social patterns of the world Europe was producing more then they could sell to their own people Wealthy European’s saw benefits from foreign markets

Imperialism solved class conflict with out revolution
Was pleasing to everyone (economically and socially)

Answer: The Industrial Revolution produced so many global products and Europe had easy access to all of it. The demand of these products changed the economic and social patterns of the world, so imperialism was an easy solution to all class conflicts without having a revolution and was pleasing to everyone.

2. Question: What contributed to changing European views of Asians and Africans in the 19th century

During the industrial era they created a level of arrogance A society of wealth and military power
They judged themselves and the rest of the world
Saw the Asians as weak, cunning and conservative
Saw Africans as “primitive”
Europeans became racist
Science claimed that they carried certain diseases and were not as advanced

Answer: The increase in science and the Europeans level of arrogance contributed to the Europeans change of views of the Asians and Africans.

3. Question: What accounts for the massive peasant rebellions of 19th century China?

Agriculture was not able to keep up with the growing population Growing pressure on small peasant farms whish led to unemployment and misery China was not able to function (tax collection, flood control, public security) Small rebel gangs started to form in the countryside

Taiping uprising ditched all former religions and went for a new form of Christianity Wanted equality and land for all
Did not work out has planned and Qing Dynasty reclaimed their power

Answer: The agriculture economy could not keep up with the growing population on China, which led to unemployment and unhappiness. At this point China was not able to function when it came to taxes and flood control and basic things societies need.

4. Question: How did western pressures stimulate change in China during the 19th century?

British began to use opium from India and opium imports into China became a huge problem China used their silver to pay for the opium and this imbalance caused a huge economic problem Found themselves with millions of addicts

The British were mad that they wanted to destroy it so they went to war Treaty of Nanjing ended war in 1842
Second opium war 1856-1858
At the end Britain had good access to most of China
Qing Dynasty remained in power

Answer: When the British began to trade opium from India, opium became a huge problem in China. Chine began to use a large amount of their silver to pay off all the opium it caused a huge economic problem.

5. Question: What strategies did China adopt to confront its various problems? In what ways did these strategies reflect China’s own history and culture as well as the new global order?

China’s strategies to reinvigorate a traditional China while using some from the West New industries became dependent on foreigners and controlled by local authorities Answer: China tried to reinvigorate a traditional China while using some techniques they learned from the west.

6. Question: What lay behind the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century?


By 19th century Ottoman was no longer able to deal with Europe Ottoman shrank because of Russian, Austrian, British and French aggression French evasions with Napoleon
Other countries gained independence and were able to support the British and Russians Treaties with Europe and the Ottoman
The Ottoman had de pendency on...
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