Castor oil refining process

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A concept,
Castor oil is not drying oil containing hydroxy acid.Castor acid content accounted for about 87.1% ~ 90.4% of the fatty acid composition, widely used in aviation, precision instrument, medicine, paint, plasticizer, emulsifier, insulating oil, and textile and leather industries.Due to its structural characteristics, degumming unfavorable use conventional hydration process, with weak alkali degumming, more refined castor oil refining process is as follows

Castor oil is worldwide fuel, has the development potential is seen as a renewable source of "green".

Features: high temperature is not bad, not burning light (322 ° C)

The viscosity (E020 ° C) > 14

Purpose: aviation, automotive, medical, cable, ventilation equipment, pipeline and other industries, senior lubricating oil.Use the most extensive is its deep processing products, nylon, cosmetics and surfactants, etc., in great demand.

Second, the castor material raw material origin:

Producer in the world: India, China, Brazil, alternaria alternata.

Origin: China northeast, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, shaanxi and xinjiang.

Origin: shanxi luliang region, 3 ~ 40000 tons of production accounted for 10% of the country.

Luliang region agriculture: Lin County, baoxing county, jia county area.

Three, the production process

(1) the castor oil plant

(1) to squeeze process

Castor warehousing, through the transportation equipment after active measurement into the buffer tank, and then evenly feeding vibrating screen clean impurities, cleaned of impurities of castor, when through the chute, after electromagnet and permanent magnet in addition to iron, by the elevator into the steaming, frying pan, adjust the pressing moisture and temperature, the rolling PI machine for crushing processing.Then the quantitative ground dragon feeding oil press to squeeze, squeeze the bread by ground...
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