Topics: Security, Weapon, Access control, Computer security, Firearm, Artillery / Pages: 21 (5015 words) / Published: Feb 8th, 2014
AFVB-RFB-SOP 8 February 2014


1. PURPOSE This SOP defines how 3rd Platoon will conduct clearing, disassembling, cleaning, inspection for serviceability, and lubricating and reassembling of the M4 and/or the M4A1 carbine on a weekly basis.

2. APPLICABILITY: 3rd Platoon, C Co, 1-36th IN, 1ST SBCT, 1ST AD

3. REFERENCES: Lubricate order (LO); STP 21–1–SMCT; TM 9–1005–319–10; and DA Form 2404, Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet.

4. RESPONSIBILITIES: Squad Leaders are responsible for their squad’s serviceability of their M4/M4A1 carbine and the ability for their squad to pass inspection by the platoon sergeant and arms room.



a. AR 190-11 with Change 1, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives, dtd 30 SEP 93, Update Change dated 12 MAR 98.

b. AR 190-13, The Army Physical Security Program dtd 30 SEP 93.

c. AR 190-51, Security of Unclassified Property (Sensitive and Non-Sensitive), dtd 30 SEP 93.

d. AR 710-2-1, Using Unit Supply System Manual Procedures, dtd 28 FEB 94, Update 2-14.

e. DA PAM 710-2-1, Using Unit Supply System Manual Procedures, dtd 28 FEB 94, Update 2-14.

f. EUSA 190-15, Joint Service Interior Intrusion Detection System.

g. FM 19-30, Physical Security, dtd Mar 79.

h. USFK REG 190-8

2. PURPOSE: a. Establish physical security standards and procedures applicable to the operation of YOUR UNIT in order to preclude the loss or theft of arms, ammunition and explosives.

b. Establish command reporting and investigative procedures when losses

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