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Castor Oil Plant

soils (Zhou et al., 2003). Castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) is not only important oilseed crop but also has tolerance to many abiotic stresses like heavy metal, salinity and drought (Babita et al., 2010; Bauddh and Singh, 2012b). These properties of castor bean make them a capable candidate for amelioration of such soils with some value added benefits like biofuel productions (Barnes et al., 2009). Wu et al. (2012) conducted a study and found that after planting castor bean for two continuous growing...

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Bioterrorism: Germ Warfare

Smallpox is spread by blood, by saliva, by skin contact, and by airbourne respiratory droplets. Smallpox can cause the formation of a rash on a victim. Virus filled sores eventually scabbed over (Mayo Clinic). Ricin is a poison naturally found in castor beans. If the bean isn’t cooked right, then it could be deadly. Ricin can be a powder, a pellet, a mist, or dissolved into water or weak acid. This poison can become inactive in heat. The temperature has to exceed 176° Fahrenheit. Ricin stops protein...

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Analysis of a I, Pencil

occur because of trade. Trade allows individuals to specialize in particular fields of work. For example, an individual could theoretically create a single pencil by himself. He could chop down the tree, mine the graphite, zinc and copper, grow castor beans for the lacquer, and label it himself. But that would require years, if not longer! But with trade, he no longer needs to burden himself with creating the entire pencil. Instead, he can specialize in just one aspect – say, mining the graphite...

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Castor oil refining process

palmmill.com/ Castor oil is not drying oil containing hydroxy acid.Castor acid content accounted for about 87.1% ~ 90.4% of the fatty acid composition, widely used in aviation, precision instrument, medicine, paint, plasticizer, emulsifier, insulating oil, and textile and leather industries.Due to its structural characteristics, degumming unfavorable use conventional hydration process, with weak alkali degumming, more refined castor oil refining process is as follows Castor oil is worldwide fuel...

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Toxic Plants

Lauren Kelly Individual Student Presentation 28 July 2013 Toxic Plants 10. Would you believe that there's a tree so poisonous that you don't actually have to touch it to be harmed? It's called the manchineel tree (found throughout the Florida Everglades, Central America and the Caribbean. Inhaling sawdust or smoke tree may result in a variety of uncomfortable side effects, including coughing, laryngitis and bronchitis. Some reports suggest that simply standing beneath the tree during a rainstorm...

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Hidden Gem: Jayant Agro Organics

Promoter stake 64.9% Only 5244 shareholders.. -------------------------------- Jayant agro is Uniquely placed as India is the largest producer of castor crop in the world producing 75% of world`s production.. Jayant Agro is the largest processor of castor oil and castor oil derivatives in India.. Jayant also is the world`s largest range of castor oil derivative producer... Jayant exports 90% of its sales and is a Govt recognized Star Trading House..(other well know star trading House(exporters)...

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Viscosity Lab Report

3 5305.16 4 3282.57 Castrol oil results: Density of the liquid Castrol was found by dividing its mass over its volume at temperature of 26℃ as follows: Density= (mass of the liquid)/(Volume of the liquid used) Density of liquid= mass/volume= (24.5g )/(25 ml)= 0.98 g⁄ml =980 kg/m^3 The three balls were dropped into the liquid containing Castrol oil at a known distance of 0.252 m and the following data were recorded: Castor oil Travelling Distance = 25.2 cm (0.252m) ...

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The Text of the Death of a Pig

never had a sick pig," said Mr. Henderson, "but I can find out quick enough. You hang up and I'll call Irving."  Mr. Henderson was back on the line again in five minutes. "Irving says roll him over on his back and give him two ounces of castor oil or sweet oil, and if that doesn't do the trick give him an injection of soapy water. He says he's almost sure the pig's plugged up, and even if he's wrong, it can't do any harm."  1 thanked Mr. Henderson. I didn't go right down to the pig, though. I...

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the story of castor oil and orange juice

The story of castor oil and orange juice One day on a cold winter night, I was in the house with my brother and little sister and she had ate some old taco's thats had been there for 3 days." Lundon come down stairs right now and do your home work" said Monique " I dont fell well my stomach hurt" said Lundon "Go to the bathroom then and then come do your home work or I will give you some castor oil. Omg Monique come here Lundon is Billous...

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Case Study: Premier Oil Company

OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of using locally produced hydrogenated castor wax as a substitute for imported stearic acid GIVEN: Demand: 1,000 bags per month of Stearic Acid (25kg per bag) Thickening agent – 12% of the weight of the final product (30% of product cost) Stearic acid Cost: Price - $1,600/1000 kgs. FOB USA Sea Freight Cost - $1,800 per container van (1,000 bags @ 25kg. per bag) Fixed Ordering Cost – Php 3,000 per shipment Custom Duty – 10% based...

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