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Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Decision theory Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: July 7, 2015
BA 560 Management of Information Technology
Oct, 18, 2012

Arbor Day Foundation Implements Constituent Relationship Management System

Case Summary
As the Arbor Day Foundation grew, leaders replaced its decades-old legacy system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to rapidly develop and deploy customized constituent relationship management applications for its many conservation programs.

1. Why are changes to legacy ISs needed? Why were changes needed at the Arbor Day Foundation?

First, the old legacy IS was designed primarily for interactions with individuals in just a few of its existing outreach programs. As the Arbor Day Foundation grew, there are increasing partners and programs, so it needs to increase a more sophisticated constituent relationship management system to interact with new partners and programs. Second, most of work was directly with members in the old days, however, as increasing supporters, partners, and sponsors connection with new conservation and education program, it needs to intensify the management of interactions with various groups by the new platform. Third, the old legacy model is unsustainable for current groups and programs. The project cost is increasing and deployment is delaying because existing functionality needs to enhance by specialized skills sets. Also, each new application required IT staff to create and maintain large amounts of additional custom code, which increased the risk of failure and decreased IT efficiency.

3. In your opinion, what problems would the foundation be facing today if it had not replaced its legacy systems with the CRM software?

First, the foundation’s cost is creasing and deployment is delaying. Second, the risk of failure is increasing and IT efficiency is decreasing. Third, maybe the foundation has to increase staffing levels because of adding programs and expanding relationships with partners and supporters and the employee productivity will be decreasing. Fourth, the...
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