Topics: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Information system Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Faculty of Business Administration
EBIS 200 - Information Systems and Organizations
(First Semester, 2014/2015)

Assignment One
DUE on Sept. 30, 2014 before 5:30pm
(Submitted to Ms Angela Shi in E22-1046)

Include the course code, course title, assignment number, your name, student number, session number and submission date in your assignment. Submit your own word-processed work. Identical work found by the instructor will be considered as cheating and NO MARKS will be given to all those involved. Answer in YOUR OWN WORDS. Copying or re-wording sentences from other students, Textbook, or course materials will result in serious loss of marks, all the way down to Zero. Write COMPLETE but CONCISE answers. Answer ALL parts of the question, but do NOT write lengthy or irrelevant answers, as they will not get you higher marks. Neither late submission nor e-mail submission will be accepted.

1. What is a digital firm? Why a digital firm is more likely to benefit from globalization than a traditional firm? (25%)

2. Identify the steps that are performed in the Library System concerning the borrowing of a book from our library. List the input, process and output of that system. What kind of information systems does it belong to? (25%)

3. How could CRM systems help in retaining customers? Illustrate with the example of a bank. (25%)

4. What is a knowledge work system? Describe how the following knowledge work systems support knowledge work and give one example for each system below. (25%) (a) CAD systems,
(b) virtual reality systems,
(c) augmented reality systems, and
(d) investment workstations systems.
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