Topics: Red blood cell, Nose, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: November 24, 2014
CASE STUDY #1(# 41)

Instructions: Read the information below. Do not simply answer the questions!! You will hand in your work on a separate piece of paper. Please put your information in paragraph form. Include any information you have found which helped you to answer your questions. The better job you do of explaining your results, the more points you will receive. Best wishes and remember to cite all resources!

A 34-year-old male from India presents with slowly progressive discolored skin patches and nodules accompanied by a strange deformity of the nose. The patient has a history of nasal stuffiness and some nasal discharge which is slightly bloody; he also reports loss of libido. A physical examination reveals the following: leonine facies; loss of eyebrows and eyelashes; nodules on the sclera; a depressed nasal bridge; adipose fat deposits in the breast; testicular atrophy; many symmetrical, flat, discolored areas on the skin without defined borders; numerous nodules & broad, raised areas on the skin; partial loss of pinprick and temperature sensation; no anhidrotic changes; symmetrically enlarged ulnar and common peroneal nerves. A blood work-up was ordered and the CBC showed mild anemia. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate was slightly elevated. Swabs were taken from the skin patches and they revealed numerous acid-fast bacilli on modified ZN staining.

1. What disease does this patient have? (be specific!)

2. What is the causative organism?

3. What are some of the complications seen associated with this disease?

4. What is the mode of transmission of this disease?

5. What is the recommended treatment for this disease?
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