Case Study Orion Systems (a)

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Question 1
There are several recommendations that we would make to Rosas, which are as follows: * The project should be implemented with a strong matrix structure. This will make the project manager higher control and functional department managers will work like subcontractors. The project is a large, strategically important project in which innovation and coordination is very important due to the time and cost constraints. For these kinds of projects, there needs to be a higher control and authority. Moreover, with a strong matrix structure, the efficiency of the project will increase, which will help to achieve the deadline of the project. There would be a stronger focus on the project, which would lead to a higher coordination and teamwork. The flexibility will increase and due to the matrix structure there wouldn’t be any post project transition problem. * In order to focus more precisely on the market trends and customer requirements/ concerns, there should be a team who work integrated with the project team in all phases. This team should be responsible from following the market trends and customer requirements. The team should be under the supervision of Marketing Manager. With the integration of this team’s study throughout the project, there would be decrease in the additional cost of unsuccessful products and reduction in the product development time due to improvements done in the earlier stages of the project. Moreover, due to knowing the customer requirements, better user manuals and technical documentation will be done. * In order to focus more precisely on the quality issues, there should be a separate Quality Assurance team. The team should be under the supervision of Manufacturing Manager. This team should work on quality measures and they should be integrated with the other teams from the beginning till the end of the project. This will support the production of high quality products that will satisfy...
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