Case Study Gen 480

Topics: Management, Communication, Project management Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Executive Summary
This paper will provide a brief executive summary and overview of the key persons involved with the project are Kelly, Pat, Cliff, and Chris. It is imperative that these key players work together to find a solution to help launch the/a product for their company in the competitive market. The problem is that there are conflicting views and misunderstandings regarding the project. Some of the misunderstandings are due to assumptions made by the team members. Additionally, some of the views are based on emotions versus logic. If the members work together, they can find a happy medium. They will have to overcome these obstacles, by using effective communication skills, objectiveness, and empathy to achieve success. Summary of the Situation

AcuScan would like to launch a new product (an extension/revision of their current product) to stay profitable and competitive in the market. In order to accomplish this task, business areas such as marketing and product development need to work together. Unfortunately, these departments do not see eye to eye regarding how and when to launch the project. This miscommunication leads to demeaning e-mail conversations, assumptions and dissension between the members. Key Points Relating to the Situation

Marketing and product development are imperative to the project’s success. Both areas are equally as important to the project; however, the company plans to invest most of the funds in to marketing. As the Senior Engineer of Product Development, Kelly, has first-hand knowledge of the time, cost, labor demands and additional resources required to complete the project. Based on experience, Kelly does not believe the project can be completed in its entirety. Instead, Kelly thinks a product can be developed that will meet quality standards and still be profitable. Conversely, Pat, the new Marketing Executive, does not agree with Kelly and believes that the project can be finished and meet the deadline....

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