Case Study 2

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Level of measurement Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Case Study 2

1. If you had been McLaughlin or Decker, what research would you want done? I would want research done on: How to handle catastrophic disasters in the first 7 days, such as September 11 or Hurricane Katrina. This will help alleviate a great deal of frustration among Americans, who felt helpless to respond productively they felt during these tragedies.

2. Create the management-research question hierarchy for the research you think might help the Red Cross make decisions related to public relations efforts and future advertising soliciting donations.

1. Management Questions
- How can we produce the proper Ad campaign for donors by adhering to Red Cross Policies? - How can we increase the initial response efforts effectively? 2. Research Questions
- What Ad campaigns exist now and are they effective?
- How can management eliminate the negative repercussions of the allocation of fund distributions? 3. Investigative Questions
- Should we examine past and present Campaign ads?
- Should we re-examine the Red Cross handling of September 11? 4. Measurement Questions
- What is the likelihood that donors want give do to the problems from September 11
- Examine each type of Campaign Ad: fires, floods, large catastrophes

3. If you created an RFP, what would it contain?
My RFP would contain an Experience Survey to give to donors, because it will profit by seeking information from persons experienced in the area of study and will seek their ideas about important issues or aspects of the subject.
Also, I would use the Two-Stage Design because it is a useful way to design a research study. With the Two-Stage Design approach, exploration becomes a separate first stage with limited objectives first, by clearly defining the research question and second, developing the research design. Proposals that acknowledge the practicalities of this approach are particularly useful when the research budget is inflexible, (Copper &...
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