Target audience

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Who is your target audience?
What type of information does your group seek to gain through this research? What questions were you unable to answer through secondary research?

In our primary research we wish to gain extensive insight into how college students function in their daily lives and what types of GrubHub marketing techniques would be most successful in reaching them. From our secondary research we have already learned that college students tend to be price sensitive, short on time and always appreciate convenience. What we don’t know however, is what element of the GrubHub service, if developed correctly, would establish this service as irresistible and irreplaceable to the student demographic. In surveying student groups from both urban and rural schools we will be able to get a well rounded idea of what GrubHub features would be most popular and which would encourage more frequent participation by both the students and the vendors.

Our secondary research did uncover a lot of information on GrubHub itself, the vendors who choose to partner with GrubHub and the consumers who use the service to place their food orders. While all of this information is useful in developing a basis of understanding, the problem remains that the majority of this data is already well known and does little to uncover new (valuable) information. In actually speaking with the current parties involved through focus groups and surveys we will be able to take all of their opinions and suggestions and use them to develop new unique ideas and techniques that will take the GrubHub service to a whole new level. What type of research do you think is most beneficial for the group? (e.g. focus group, interview, survey, observation, etc.) Be sure to provide a rationale for your choice.

I believe the most beneficial type of research we could conduct in attempting to uncover new and effective GrubHub marketing techniques would be a combination of focus groups, one on one...
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