Advertising Report - Cravendale Milk

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1.0 Introduction
1.1Company / Brand Overview
1.2Campaign Overview

2.0 Problems Identified
2.1 Lack of product awareness in advert
2.2 Maturity of Advert
2.3 Lack of relevance

3.0 Intended Strategy
3.1 To portray product as fun and exciting
3.2 Portray Cravendale as premium product
3.3 Viral advert with a social media platform to build on

4.0 Market and Competitor Analysis
4.1 Previous Campaigns
4.2 Current Successful Campaigns
4.3 Competitor Analysis

5.0 Alternative Marketing Communications Campaign
5.1 Campaign Strategy & Overview
5.2 Who campaign will target

6.0 Outcomes
6.1 For the Organisation
6.2 For the Consumer

7.0 References

8.0 Appendix
8.1 ‘Cats With Thumbs’ Advert

1.1Company / Brand Overview
Cravendale milk is produced by Swedish based food co-operation ‘ARLA Foods’; a dairy company who pledge their commitment to nature and offer healthy products improving customer well-bring through “bringing people closer to nature through fresh produce”. As well as producing products such as Anchor cream and Lurpack butter, ARLA pride themselves in their innovative brand of ‘Cravendale Milk’.

In Cravendale, ARTA produce finely filtered milk, removing bacteria to increase not only the shelf life of the product but also the length of time it can be consumed once open. Cravendale can stay ‘fresh’ for up to 21 days and is unique from its milk counterparts not only due to the length of time the product can last, but also its ‘fresh creamy taste’. The milk is produced in 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles and distributed to most major retailers in whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed varieties. The whole milk especially is known to consumers as the creamiest milk amongst major retailing brands.

As well as going through its filtration process to remove bacteria, Cravendale is sold in white plastic bottles, opaque, unlike its transparent competitors, in order to protect UV rays from the sun affecting the taste.

Cravendale is slightly more expensive than its brand rivals, however they put this down the expense of filtering the milk; and highlighting, that even at that, there are often deals on the product.

In 2008, Cravendale was the first milk brand to be awarded the ‘British Dental Health Accreditation’, officially making it beneficial for teeth. All packaging now carries the BDHF (British Dental Health Foundation) logo to recognise this achievement.

1.2Campaign Overview
The current advertising campaign adopted by Cravendale, “Cats with thumbs” is utilised through television and internet mediums. A video is based around a scene in a kitchen where a gentleman is pouring milk from a bottle into his cereal. A cat is staring with intent at the milk being poured into the milk. A male voiceover narrator then asks the question “Why do cats stare when you’re pouring milk?” The video then invites us to imagine cats with thumbs, showing clips of cats doing everyday ‘human’ tasks (flicking through a book, knitting, nail filing, clicking their fingers). The video then shows us the cats forming an army “with one thing on their mind”, ‘Cravendale Milk’. The final clip from the video shows the gentleman standing up in fear shaking his spoon and holding the milk bottle aloft as the cats all enter the kitchen, evidently after the Cravendale. The advert finishes with the voiceover taking a serious tone “jog on kitties” as the brand logo is displayed on the centre of the screen with new slogan “The Milk Matters” underneath.

Two video commercials (40 seconds and 10 seconds) broadcast respectively on mainstream commercial television and are also ‘featured’ on both YouTube and Facebook (receiving over 2 million views within the first 3 weeks of being uploaded). The 10 second advert is simply the final parts of the 40 second advert, beginning from when the cats enter the kitchen.

The online media part of the campaign is based around main character...

References: Packaging News. (2009). Cravendale packs communicate product benefits. Available: Last accessed 22nd March 2011.
The Inspiration room. (2007). Cravendale Milk Matters Animated. Available: Last accessed 22nd March 2011.
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