Case Study 1

Topics: Jean Piaget, Egocentrism, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Adriana Ortiz
Case Study #1

1.  According to Piaget, which stage of cognitive development are Mrs. Arling's students in?  Provide TWO examples to support your answer. I would say that the children in Mrs. Arling’s class are in the preoperational stage. The children seem very young and still learning new things. One example to support my answer is when Mrs. A tells Margo how she would feel if Luke took something away from her and refused to give it back how would she feel. Another example is when Luke is upset that Russel has two brownies. Mrs. A tries to explain to the whole class why Russel has two pieces of brownie, but it’s not until she physically goes around and cuts everyones in half that they understand. I think this example shows us that they are young and still learn more visually.

2.  Provide one example of assimilation and one example of accommodation from this case.  Explain WHY you  have selected these examples. One example of assimilation is when Ella remembers knowing what treat means. She holds back and doesn’t know what to do but she remembers from her existing scheme that it is good. An example for accommodation is when Mrs. A ties Noah’s shoe, she sings him the bunny song and he relates it to the bunny foo foo song. But he then is told that they are not the same so he alters it.

3.  Identify an example of preoperational egocentrism (and tell me why it's egocentric).   An example of preoperational egocentricism is when Margo claims that cheating is when you take pieces of the board and then use them later. She is only seeing it from her point of view and I think in the future that is how she will view what cheating means.

4.  Discuss the brownie incident.  What Piagetian concept does this situation exemplify? The Piagetian concept used in the brownie incident is conservation. Young children seem to think that have a greater number of something always means more. Like for example with the brownie incident all the kids had...
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