Case #1 – Microsoft’s MACH Program Designed to Help Millennial Grads Make a Difference – Fast

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The Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) is as an accelerated career development program designed to recruit and hire top-performing graduates across a broad range of roles, and aims to cultivate talent utilizing training, mentoring, and community support. Microsoft believes that work is a place for exploration, creativity, innovation and professional growth. It’s about being inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things that leave a lasting impact. At Microsoft, graduates learn from the finest in the business. As a full time graduate employee, they experience an inspiring world-class program. MACH participants are hired based on potential and are provided with a comprehensive on-boarding curriculum, enabling them to accelerate their careers and become part of the next generation of key contributors and leaders. Microsoft will be invested in your career development and provide guidance and support to enable you to excel in your Microsoft career. The two year program is focused on ensuring that graduates receive the professional development early to help them accelerate the impact in role and that they have the tools and knowledge to steer long term career. With over 2,500 MACH employees in over 60 countries worldwide, graduates gain a network to a global community of peers, leadership exposure, world class trainings and the opportunity to take on challenging work that contributes meaningfully to helping people and businesses realize their full potential.

How does orientation differ from onboarding?
Orientation is the formal process of familiarizing new employees with the organization, their jobs, and their work units, while onboarding is the process of systematically socializing new employees to help them get “on board” with an organization. Orientation is a timed event. It usually lasts a day (or less if you do it well) and is an opportunity to share a lot of information that employees should know. For example: Where the...
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