Microsoft Recruiting Strategy

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Microsoft Recruiting Strategy


Creative thinking over experience

Microsoft has the policy of only recruiting the best and the brightest for their company. Over the years they have dvelopped a system of hiring people fresh from college. They mostly target top universities from the united states, Europe and some in japan. It is true that those who just graduated lacked work experience but COO steve ballmer explained that Microsoft preferred creative thinking and ambition over experience. Those people adapt faster to new situation and hence solve problems much faster, and it is also unnecessary to unteach them their coporate culture.

N minus 1 – rule

To keep the people busy and permanently challenged. The HR management has developed a generall rule of hiring people. The so-called n minus 1 rule. What is this rule, it basically means that Microsoft is not hiring the needed amount of employees, instead they hire less than needed. In this case, they are not pressured to fill up all the positions and can make sure only to hire the best and most fitted for the job. All the employees are challenged with more work to keep workmotivation and work performances high.

Hire/ no hire - system

In Microsoft, the hiring process followed the strict hire or no hire system. The system works like this. There are approximately 10 interiewers for one employee and all of them have evaluate the candidate base on his creativity, problem solving skill and their personal opinion. Then they are bound to give their vote of hire or no-hire. All the results come together and finally the manager over the position, which to be filled, will decide on those results and his personnal opinion over the candidate. Ballmer says, if we are not 100% sure that we want this guy, we always don’t hire. Hiring mediocre is far worse than hire the bad.

Work environment

Campus Work Place

Since most people are recruited fresh from college education, most employees lack...
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