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New Hire Orientation could be the first training a new employee has to go through when starting work in a new place. This makes it almost more important than any other training, considering the fact that this is the first “real” time, besides previous interviews or the candidate’s own research on the new workplace, when the company “meets” the new employee in person. This first time should reinforce the employee that she made a good choice when applying to work for this particular company. The NEO is also a tool for a company to put their best foot forward and make the employee feel welcomed in her new environment. “A comprehensive orientation process gives new employees the feeling that the organization expects them, which in turn makes them glad they joined the company.1 Most of us have been through the first day of a new workplace and it’s easy to recall how it feels. Many times we did not know anybody as we started at work and did not know who we could ask questions from. It makes most people feel a little more insecure and could pose difficulties in adjusting to the new job. On the top of this feeling, we need to attend, normally, the first few days, a NEO which should help us to get orientated on who, what, where, when and how in the company. Most of the old NEO’s, especially the ones that I encountered, consisted of mainly filling out forms that were either confusing or too long to be able to pay attention on during hours-long sessions. NEO’s are important, but they should fulfill their purpose, which is making people feel welcomed and part of an organization, instead of making them feel overwhelmed and lost in the midst of new information. “People like security. They don’t like wondering if they are meeting expectations…help new hires swim instead of sink.”2 Introduction. The presenter should introduce herself to the employees participating in the orientation and should ask them to do the same thing. This enhances communications between the

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