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Career Project: Report

Business 101

Career Overview
Accountants carry the primary responsibility for bookkeeping services such as payroll, bank reconciliations, general ledger posting, along with managing financial statement compilations and oversee efficient use of funds and related tasks. Correspondingly, they provide some Human Resource functions such as Employee Handbook compilation, and benefits management. Another responsibility of accountant’s is taxes: personal, corporate, estate, payroll, sales tax, and business property taxes.

Educational Requirements
For entry-level positions in Accounting, employers usually require a minimum of an Associate Degree in Accounting. Many larger businesses or corporations require applicants to have graduated from a Bachelor's or Master's Degree program in Accounting or Taxation (Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, 2012). There is NO requirement for Accountants to get certified as a Certified Public Accountant CPA or a Certified Management Accountant CMA, but if they do they usually get an increase in pay and more responsibilities.

There are certain skills Accountants need to make their day run smooth; all of these skills aren’t necessarily taught. For example, Accountants need analytical skills to analyze certain discrepancies on a balance sheet or income statements. Most Accountants are detail oriented, and also have the ability to compile a lot of information and then interpret the meaning. Most of the work will be performed on a computer so Accountants need computer and software skills. Obviously, good math skills are another skill that an Accountant will have to utilize daily. Furthermore, Accountants will need excellent communication skills both verbal and written, and one can never forget lots of patience (Richardson, 2009).

Career Path
The typical career path for accountants goes as follows bookkeeper, Accountant, CPA and CMA (if one chooses...

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