Career Overviews: 911 Operator, Paramedic, and Crime Scene Investigator

Topics: Dispatcher, High school diploma, Forensic science Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Brady Drennan


Education and/or Training Required
In order to become a dispatcher, you must have a high school diploma An  overall knowledge about your location or area which will most likely get you hired compared to someone who may not know the area as well. Once hired the employee must go through basic on-the job training. Responsibilities and Daily Activities

Dispatchers have the duty to receive calls for help
Prioritize calls and relay a call to a certain service such as the police or firefighters. Keep records of calls
Rely work orders to tow trucks and taxis.
Salary Range: $25,600-$42,990
Median salary: $33,010
Entry level:$25,600
Experienced level: $42,990

Documentation of Sources
Anaca Technologies. (2014). Dispatcher. Anaca Technologies.Retrieved from

A 911 operator is not that of a popular job with a low annual salary. They do piles of paper work as well as completing multiple tedious task while having to stay calm in stressful situations which I could do if I had to but I would not be too happy with myself if I became one, because I strive to be better and go higher then just working in a small room all day answering phone calls. I know that this job is extremely important and somebody has to do it but its just not for me.   


Education and/or Training Required
Have a high school diploma
Have two years of college completed
Needs to be 18 years or older
Go through formal paramedic training programs provided by the police,firefighters, or  hospitals Also be CPR Certified

Responsibilities and Daily Activities   
Take care of patients as you travel to a hospital
Travel to emergencies like car wrecks or heart attacks
Preform first aid and provide oxygen or shock heart if needed Be emotionally mature and compassionate
Needs to work well with hands and have good...
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