Career in Law.

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Lifting the veil......
When students are asked about their carriers most of them are pretty sure what they will be pursuing but the case is not same when we talk about a law student. With broader outlook, intense knowledge, foresight and leadership traits a law student stands apart. With specialized knowledge of law and a sum total of all the scientific studies and noble articulates of humanity lawyer stands amidst intellectual pool. These qualities develop a dynamic character and an outstanding personality which opens the gate towards innumerable carrier opportunities for a law student. In aisle of life, with hundreds of open gates calling for success he gets confused among the options. Loud calls of the corporate world, the noble profession of teaching or the silent ocean of ‘Advocacy’ are amongst the most difficult choices to be made. This is the period where the pebbles gathered as stepping stones turn out as stumbling stones.

The fear of falling thinking it is not easy to stand in the field of law without a so called ‘Godfather’, many a times throw the students into the Corporate Hell. When they opt for the immediate success they leave behind the noble profession and a charming field. Advocates are regarded as apostle of justice by eminent thinkers as they say‘justice comes from Heaven through Advocates’. Being the social engineers advocates bring about social change, social evolution and social revolution in the society. A misconception appears as the law students refer the field of advocacy as very struggling and time taking, my dear friends in that case no field is free from struggle. As this is true that Rome was not built in a day, it is also true that Senior Advocates like Arun Jetly, Ram Jethmalany, Mukul Rohatgi, etc were also not built in a day. Just keep patience and put your tenacity in practicing field and one day you also will get good result. No pain, no gain is the slogan here and everywhere you go. With your...
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