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The Role of the Health and Social Care

By stroke1988 May 06, 2013 496 Words
|1. |Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship? | | |A working relationship within the work place is the nature of the professional relationships. Knowing the concept of | | |teamwork and you would work in agreed guidelines to work towards the same goals with the same purposes can also be a | | |business relationship. Your own personal relationships is treating a friend and/or family members which can be known | | |as a social group or an interpersonal relationship with romace that can involve love likeing or having that family | | |bond or other socail commitment. |

|2. |Describe the different working relationship in health and social care settings, for example in your own site? | | | There are different relationships within the work place. These are the relationships within your co-works like for | | |example colleages and between the workser and the managers or the relationship between the supervisor and the teams | | |for example the multidisciplinary teams and the planning teams. The difference in health and socail care workers like| | |the nurse and care assitant there are differences between proffessionals and helth and socail care works and the | | |legal advocates. The proffesional relationships with others like the familys or any individuals. |

|3. |Describe why it is important to adhere to your job description and contract of employment? | | | You have legal responibilities in your contract of employment that will define the roles in wich you ibide by you | | |will have a professional commitment for the understanding your expectations of your job. There will be a good | | |understadning on your professional bounders and professional restrictions. You will be accountable for your actions | | |and can be used as a means to access your porformace in your job these get revised in your appraisals. |

|4. |Can you explain why it is important to work within a team and do you understand the concept of team working? | | | It is important to have a agreed way of working within a team with access to full and polices that are upto date. | | |There are procedures that will relate to your responsibilities to the centain job role for example there is health | | |and safty guidelines to follow as well as safeguarding and having equal opertunities with inclusive working which | | |will help security within the workplace. The agreed ways of working will have less formal documentation on the | | |micro-employer these impliment the agreed ways of working for example the relation of the infection control and the | | |anti-discriminatory practice the safty and security. The way in which the emergency situations are delt with and the | | |moving and handling procedures. |

|5. |Identify skills and approaches that you have for resolving conflicts? | | |In order to resolve conflicts, you would need to use careful listening skills and a calm, unbiased and tactful | | |approach that offers a compromise that both sides can accept. |

Elements Covered through completion of this workbook:
1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 3.1, 3.3

The Role of the Health and Social Car Worker

HSC 025

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