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Gang Related Crimes in Arizona
Arizona State University
CRJ 201 - Crime Control Policies
November 30, 2013

This paper will be discussing the problems that are a result of gangs in Arizona. This research paper will follow the SARA model. SARA stands for scanning, analyzing, responding, and assessment. In this paper we will be uncovering some of the major crimes that gangs in Arizona are doing. Learning the ways to respond to these problems in order to decrease the crimes they are causing in Arizona. We will look at what factors contribute to gang violence. Lastly we will look at the programs to help gang members from committing future crimes. I will propose a plan to lower crime rates from gangs in Arizona and use the SARA model to determine if it will effectively resolve the issue.

Gang Related Crimes in Arizona

Discuss Ganges in general and what they are --->

Discuss why gangs are a problem in Arizona --->

Scanning ---> stats about gangs and what problems they are causing

Analyze: analysis how these gangs are having a negative affect on the state, pick one topic and focus on it (example: drugs)

Respond: talk about all methods of policing, then show how they worked or didn't. “Basically the crackdown occurs when authorities flood a specific area that is known for problems and seek to remove the criminal element from the area” its called weed and seek. “a study of an April 1999 crackdown on drugs in seven Virginia neighborhoods showed a 92 percent reduction in reported crime during the crack down period with no apparent displacement of the problem into surrounding neighborhoods.” (Worral, pg. 81, 2008)

Prevention: talk about any laws in place and programs that are available for kids to keep them out of trouble or gangs.


Worrall, J., & Champion, D. (2008). Crime Control and Prevention in America. Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions.
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