Care Practice and Provision Ao2

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AO2 – NHS plan 2000

For this unit I need to research the impact of one national policy on care practice and provision. I will be accurately and independently applying an in depth knowledge and understanding to give a comprehension explanation of the impact of one national policy on care practice and provision.

The NHS plan 2000 is a health service ‘designed around the patient’ which provides more NHS funding to care practices and provision. This gives people better access and quality care that is up to date for the 21st century. It is built in order to keep peace with the changing society of today. This encourages training to be handled in a more modern way and treatment to be updated. Some of the main points of this policy is to have more and better paid staff using new ways of working, reduced waiting times and high quality care centred around patients, and improvements in local hospitals and surgeries. To do so, there will need to be more funding from the NHS to provide better care.

This policy will provide quality assurance for most patients and is another layer of confidence to providing the care of the best quality that is needed. In the hospital, this will assure Nicola that her physiotherapy is of the best quality possible and that it is updated as much as possible. Here are some print screens from the government website. [pic][pic][pic]


This could be beneficial to people who use service as they will provide quality assurance for the patient and give them confidence in their care, service providers and services. For example; if Nicola (my client) were to have any concerns about her care or any queries, she can get information from the NHS plan as well as the Strategic Health Authority and the Care Quality Commission with their reports and evaluations. This is, also, beneficial to the service providers because it fosters a healthy, safe, and hospitable environment without having stressed patients, stressed staff or using treatments that don’t work which can lead to law suits or conflicts between service providers, or between service providers and people who use services.

Even though this plan was set out in 2000 (so, it is 13 years old), it is still reliable as it is regularly updated and this process is, reasonably, timeless as the process is just ensuring that the services are updated not actually updating these systems themselves. They are basically the observers of these Hospitals and GP surgeries. I will be looking at the impact of this legislation on my two services from my AO3 using my client in AO4 (the General practitioner and the physiotherapist for Nicola who has cystic fibrosis as well as many other side effects). The two services that I will be using are the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NUUH) and the Bridge Street Surgery in Downham Market and I will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the plan on these said services and the implications on my client.

This will affect the NNUH because the NHS plan promises:

More power and information to the patients
This promises that patients can have a ‘choice initiative’ where they have the option of five different hospitals to receive surgery. They have the ability to access information about many hospitals in order to make an informed decision and to make the right choice in their care. They can access this information through websites, the hospital and their practitioners. Nicola would have the option (if need be for her to go into hospital to receive treatment) to go to many hospitals near her and could look on the internet to see what hospital specialises in cystic fibrosis to achieve the best quality of care.

Patient and public involvement means that the public can be involved with general care and in; mainly, what is needed to upkeep a hospital or surgery and what needs improved upon or corrected. There are many services that give the...
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