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In this essay I will be discussing the case study in K101 block 1 unit 1 of Ann, 37 the daughter of Angus, 79 who has Parkinson disease her daughter Zoe 12 a student and Bob her husband. Parkinson’s disease is a condition which affects about one in 500 people in the UK it is the results of a loss of nerve cells in a part of the brain which coordinates movement. I will discuss how establishing and maintaining good quality care relationship can be both rewarding and challenging for all involved and what are some of the difficulties that may face those providing and receiving care, and how might these be overcome. According to Lewis and Meredith, Finch and Mason and Forbat, care relations can be affected by different reasons - The quality of the relationship particularly before caring commenced, How much choice people have in becoming the carer, How they manage the caring and the amount and nature of external support received (K101, Unit 1, p. 27). Establishing a good quality care relationship can be rewarding, but It depends on the individuals involved in Ann’s situation A good care relationship was easily establish with angus because being a loving family and living together Ann made promise to her mom before she died to care for her dad therefore this is a bond and both persons are comfortable with one another and traditionally it’s know that caring is done by a woman, she didn’t see herself as a carer but as a daughter who loves her father and this was rewarding to Angus, being sick and can’t do everything for yourself is a feeling of isolation and thinking that you are now a burden therefore most people feel more comfortable being given care in their own home by family members who are well known than in a private care home by people they don’t know and the role played by Ann made him happy being cared for in his home, however Ann’s role went from an affectionate daughter to beyond the normal role of a daughter. Evidence provided by (parker and Lawton, 1994)...

References: The Open University (2010) An Introduction to Health and Social care, Unit 1, ‘Care: A family affair’, Milton Keynes, The Open University.
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