Positive Relationships

Topics: The Child, Effectiveness, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: September 14, 2012
Positive relationships with children are important as ensures that we are able to provide the best possible care towards the children that we can. It is also important as it helps to support the children in all aspects and gives the children learning opportunities that will help to develop them in all areas. Also it ensures that effective safeguarding is taking place when children are in your care.

Positive relationships with he other staff in your workplace are important as it ensures that effective communication is taking place and the best interests of the children are in effect. It is also important as it allows smooth running in the workplace with no conflicts and allows the staff to support one another and share ideas etc. Positive relationships are also important with the staff as it best practice to show to the children how to work with others as they look up the the staff in the workplace. Positive relationships with managers are important as it allows everyone to work together and is an effective way to know what is expected of everyone in the workplace. It is also important as it allows you to share ideas with one another and provide the best learning opportunities for the children that you can and also enables you to reflect on your practice and see what best ways you can improve e.g. by asking for feedback from your manager, reviews etc. Positive relationships with carers are important as it ensures that information is shared about the children that can help understanding of the best way they can develop and help towards their learning. It is also important as trust is built and carers aren't wary of leaving their child. Positive relationships with OFSTED inspectors are important as you are able to learn which ways you can improve in order to provide the best possible care and learning opportunities for the children and how you would be able to achieve this. Also it is important as you are able to see what is expected of you and what you must do...
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