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Carbohydrate presentation: SCI 241
Sovanna Ath

What is Carbohydrate?
* Source of energy
* Effects of too much carbohydrates

A CARBOHYDRATE IS the ideal source where your body get your energy from. Even though carbohydrates are good for your body too much of it can upset the delicate balance of your body’s blood sugar level which can result in fluctuation in energy and mood that leave you feeling irritated and even tired. It is also better for your body to have a balance of carbohydrates along with proteins with a little fat and fiber. The current advice for people is that we should get our energy needs from carbohydrates but that does not men to over do yourselves because to much carbohydrates can lead to weight gain regardless of what food it is. On average the daily carbohydrates a women need is 47.4 percent while men needs 48.5 percent. On the next slide there will be information on the two type of carbohydrates. Picture retrieved from Simple Carbohydrate

* What is Simple Carbohydrates?
* Where can you find it?

Simple carbohydrates are the carbohydrates that breaks down quickly by the body to be used as energy. Simple carbohydrates are found in food such as fruits, milk, and sugar. They can also be found in processed and refined sugars such as candy, syrups and soft drinks, which also provides energy for the body but the thing with those items is that the item lacks vitamins, mineral and fiber. Even though many people would love to get their carbohydrates by eating cake all day, it better for your body to take in more carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates and naturally occurring sugars than processed or reined sugars because to much refines sugars are things that make you gain weight. Picture retrieved from

Complex Carbohydrate
* What is complex carbohydrate?
* Where can you find it?

Complex carbohydrates also referred to as starch are the carbohydrates that provides your body not only with energy but also with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Complex carbohydrates are made up of sugar molecules that are strung together in long complex chains. Food that you will find that contain complex carbohydrates are food such as peas, beans, whole grains and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates is different from simple carbohydrates because they contain natural starches. Other types of food that contain complex carbohydrates are brown rice, nuts and potatoes. Picture retrieved from

How are sugars broken down and used in the body?
* Process of how sugars are broken down?
* How are sugars used?

Sugars is what give our body energy and in order for out body to have energy we must consume some carbohydrates. When complex sugars first enter our body it is first broken down into simple sugars so they can be used. Enzymes from the mouth start the process by breaking down the complex molecules. Once broken down the sugar makes it way toward the stomach, so that all the food can be digested. During the digestion process, the food is broken down into to molecules small enough to go through the stomach lining into the bloodstream. Once it enter the cells, the sugars are broken into carbon dioxide and water over time. During the time the sugar is sitting there it will create a chemical reaction within the cell creating energy for the body. A simple sugar is held together with about 24 bonds and as each one is broken, energy is released and used by the cell. Picture retrieved from Benefits of carbohydrates

* Energy
* Muscle tissue
* Digestion
* Nutrient
We already know that carbohydrates benefits the body by providing it with oxygen but besides oxygen there are so many other benefits that carbohydrates has...

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