Business Studies: Business Communication

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Business Studies – Business Communication
Unit 4 – Task 1
Business communication can promote a product, service, or organization: it relays information within a business. Business communication is essential for a business as it is a good way of building the businesses success. The communication is most important if the members of the business are to work as a team to the same goal. The types of communication are: * Verbal

* Written
* Onscreen
* Multimedia
* Web based
Verbal communication is the most common way for a business to communicate; there is no way for a misunderstanding. Speech allows complex ideas to be expressed and discussed. However with the constrains of time and budgets of the business, it would be practical or possible to meet in person. A telephone conversation is also a useful way to communicate, as ideas can still be discussed without any hesitation. Verbal communication would be an important way to pass information to Creamy Cow as its one of the quickest ways to communicate, it allows employees to ask and get answers in that moment in time. It would also allow employees to share their ideas and points to higher people within the business in a quicker way. For example a manager of Creamy Cow would use the telephone to verbally communicate with suppliers to buy more supplies for the business. Advantages of Verbal Communication:

* Opportunities for immediate feedback from employees to make sure the message was understood * The opportunity to utilize nonverbal cues (tone, body language, inflection)  Disadvantages of Verbal Communication:

* A main disadvantage is miscommunication, this just basically means what the listener hears is often not what is meant * Verbal communication is not very suitable for future reference, as valuable information could be forgotten Written communication is the physical way to represent words, in other words this is visual representation. No one could have reached the present state of economic, social and technological development without the ability to produce written information. Written information comes from a large variety of sources these include, books, newspapers and government publications. But for a business like Creamy Cow, written information comes from sources like memos, agendas, letters, invoices and fax’s. Written communication would be an important way to pass information for Creamy Cow as it allows employees to have a beneficial paper based copy for personal viewing which can be a lot more detailed. Written communication is also very formal way to write a letter, so for Creamy Cow a written based type of communication would be the best way to do this. A manager of Creamy Cow may need to fire an employee, this could be done both verbally and written but written communication would be needed in order to have proof of the firing and also to confirm it. Advantages of Written Communication:

* Written communication is a permanent mean of communication, this just basically means that it is useful where record maintenance is required * It is more precise and can be explained in great detail Disadvantages of Written Communication:

* Question cannot be asked and cannot get answer’s in that moment in time * Written communication is very time consuming and people may not necessarily get feedback immediately On screen communication is information that is produced on-screen. This is where information may be produced on-screen, these can all be seen in multimedia TV and CD-ROM’s that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video. Onscreen communication sources can come from computers which can be shown publically through a projector, mobile phones and TVs. On screen communication is probably the main way Creamy Cow could pass around their information, it’s important that Creamy Cow uses this way of communicating as it allows them to pass information to employees who are not within their region for example...
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