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Topics: Strategic management, Merlin Entertainments, Strategic planning Pages: 10 (2975 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Case study:
Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd is the second largest operator of amusement parks and other attractions in the world after Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The group is registered since 1998 in the UK and employs 17.000 people. Such as famous attractions belong under the operation of them as Alton Towers, Gardaland, Chessington world of adventures, See life centers, The dungeon, Seal sanctuaries, Lego land, Warwick castle, Heide Park, Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park or the London eye. These are managed through three Operating Groups - Resort Theme Parks, LEGOLAND Parks and Midway Attractions, supported by the Merlin Magic Making Department. In 2011 they hosted 46.2 million guests worldwide, and in the same year the company valued £2.25 billion. Its headquarter is in Poole United Kingdom. . The company operates in 10 European countries over 70 attractions and they are well known in the USA, China Hong Kong and Australia. TASK 1 - The process of strategic planning

1.1 State the mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competences of your chosen organization. Mission: A mission statement describes the present state of an organization. Who the company is, why the company is there, why does the company exist? In Merlin Entertainments Group they believes that in order for them to provide memorable experiences for visitors and special guests at all times, they need to provide a fast, professional and exceptional entertainment service. Vision: A vision statement describes the future state of an organization. Who the company would be and where do they want to go? Merlins vision statement is to become the best entertainment brand, based on the location of the world's leading visitor attraction market. Objectives: The objectives are based on How to achieve the goals? There are basically three types: 1. Corporate objectives 2. Functional objectives 3. Individual objectives Planned and predictable investment cycles are the right course for each working group in Merlin`s so they will provide the driving force for the growth of all existing assets. This is complemented by a strong price strategy based on profitability and continuously improved customer experience. Goals: The goals are the general statement of aim or purpose in a business. It must be in a direction that is clearly communicated to everyone involved in the business. Delivering memorable experiences of the millions of visitors admitted continuously monitored visitor satisfaction, development strategies of world-class people and customer service and the highest standards of health and safety at Merlin`s. Core competencies: The core competencies are resources, processes or skills which provide a distinctive competitive advantage. 1.2 Describe three issues involved in strategic planning in your chosen organization The Strategic Plan focuses on the objectives in the medium and long term goals and highlights the basic strategies to achieve them. A good strategic plan:

reflects the values of the organization
inspire change and modify products or target markets
clearly defined threshold criteria for success.
Followed by, you can read detail from the Merlin annual report and accounts to understand the process of strategic planning. What did they do? They acquired Cypress Gardens in Central Florida with its existing grounds, infrastructure and the beautiful historical botanical gardens for $25m in 2010. The company then developed the park into LEGOLAND Florida for around half the cost of a green field site and opened to the public on time in October 2011.How did they do it? The experienced LEGOLAND Development team, together with Merlin Magic Making, developed a creative solution for how best to integrate the LEGOLAND park into the existing landscape and infrastructure. Along with support from teams across all four existing LEGOLAND parks, they provided a project not just within budget but also successfully opened on time within about half the...
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