Business Start Up

Topics: Limited liability company, Corporation, Insurance Pages: 5 (1516 words) Published: February 3, 2013

Business Start-Up Plan
Rebecca Angeles
Cardinal Stritch University
ASB105: American Free Enterprise System
July 18, 2012

Executive Summary
Vision and Mission Statement
Our mission is to successfully build and promote local musical talent through the southeastern region of Wisconsin and provide a comfortable and inviting place to come and eat all year round. Objectives

Our primary objectives over the next year are to:
1. Obtain a bank loan of $200,000 to cover selected renovations, start-up and initial operating costs for Music Connection. 2. Implement a cost-effective promotional strategy that will maximize awareness and trial for the pub and grill. 3. Achieve 75% occupancy in first year of operation on every weekend of the year. 4. Achieve 20% return on investment (ROI).

Music Connection will be a Limited Liability Company, owned by Ayshe Marie Osman Company Background
Music Connection is a bar and grill establishment that is scheduled to begin operations on June 2013. Music Connection is going to be a Limited Liability Corporation, owned and operated by Ayshe Osman. Ms. Osman spent last 9 years of her life working various fields or businesses before realizing her dream to be independent business owner and acknowledging her love for music and food. She currently owns Jesse’s Place and wants to venture into a new side of entertainment/nite-life industry. Ms. Osman has owned and operated Jesse’s Place for the last five (5 years). She has always been one who loves to eat and loves music of all sorts, especially live music. She feels that there is an opportunity to ultimately build this into a self-sustaining concern over the next three years. Music Connection (MC) is going to be a restaurant and a bar. Music Connection is going to be a Limited Liability Company operating for Profit. Management Team

Ayshe is going to have the following job positions: 3 cooks (start), 3 waitress (to start), 1 manager (me), & 4 bartenders. She is going outsource my accounting and lawyer service. Her Aunt Dawn Morgan is going to be her accountant. Dawn is going to run her books of liabilities and assets and do my payroll for me. I don’t believe that I will need a lawyer that this time. But when she has finished with her first 6 months she will hire a lawyer. Below you will find the company Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions. Organizational Chart

Job Descriptions
* Owner/ Manager: This person will handle all the day to day ordering of supplies, i.e. food, liquor, napkins, tissue, etc. They will also make schedules for the head employees. They will book acts for the bar. They will promote the business and take of the marketing scheme. They are in charge of Human Resources responsibilities, i.e. benefits, hiring, discharging, and evaluations of head employees. * Bar Manager: 1year of Bartender experience, 1 yr of manager experience in a service industry setting. This person will be in charge of maintaining an inventory of liquor, mixes, and other bar supplies. They will be in charge of making schedule for the other bartenders. They will also work on busy nights where we have a huge act booked. * Head Cook: 3 years of cooking experience, 1 yr of head cooks experience. They will make the schedule for the other cooks. This person is responsible for coordinating the work of the kitchen staff and directs the preparation of meals. They determine serving sizes, plan menus, and oversee kitchen operations, keep and inventory of the food and supplies. * Head Waitress: 2 yrs experience as a waitress, 1 yr of manager experience in any service industry setting. They will make schedules for other waitress’s. They will keep inventory of all side items and supplies. * Waitress: 1 yr experience as a waitress. They will take customers’ orders, serve food and beverages, prepare itemized checks, and sometimes accept payment. They will...
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