Security and Mission Statement

Topics: Security, Information security, Computer security Pages: 3 (638 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Chapter: 2
Due date: 20 March 2012

1.What is Mission statement? Why is it important? What does it contain?

Mission statement is a sentence that describes your organization’s functions, markets, products/services and advantages. Mission statement elucidates your business, your goals and your objectives. It is used as a constant reminder of why the company exists.

Organizations tend to forget about the purpose of their business after some time. Mission statement is important because it is used as a reminder of why the business exists. It directs organizations to the initial course of their business as for many companies when the business is growing they tend to get lost and pursue something totally different from their business.

Mission statement reflects every feature of your business. The type of product or service you offer, market position, quality of product or service, customers and more. Eg) Mission for McDonald’s is to be their customers’ favourite place to be and way to eat. McD exist because of their customers that’s why they demonstrate appreciation by providing them with quality and a good service in a clean, welcoming environment at a great value.

2.What is the primary objective of the secSDLC? What are its major steps, and what are the major objectives of each?

secSDLC is a formal approach to solving problem using a structured sequence of procedures to create inclusive security posture.

Investigation: Management give directions by specifying the goals, processes and the expected outcomes of the project and the costs of the project. At the end of that phase you must have a feasibility study document. •Analysis: The analysis in the secSDLC is when project manager or the team analys the existing security policies, identifying current threats and attacks and also Identifying, assessing and evaluating level of risk within the organizations security. •Logical Design: This stage is when security blue...
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